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Since the digital world has been formed, the territory of banking and finance is surrounded by many internal, intangible, purposeful and utilizable codes. That’s right! Today, from making online money transactions to instant deposits, you can sit back and relax while you execute a productive day parallelly. It’s the benefit of the digital world. Well! Today we are conversing about one of the most important banking and finance codes in the United States. This code is known as the Routing Transit code or number. Every financial institution in the USA holds such code, for example, the code for WF National Bank is called Woodforest routing number. 

In this blog, we are attracting readers’ who are looking to obtain all the information regarding it’s RTN as well as what are its benefits. You can also check our FAQs section to find out your specific answer quickly, accurate and with effective understanding & readability. 

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What is Woodforest National Bank? 

This National Bank is one of the best-running finance institutions in the USA. It is a private financial corporation with its in the Woodlands in Texas. It has introduced in 1980 by James Dreibelbis as its Chief Executive officer.

Today, this institution holds over 788 branches. It is an active corporation that provides offline and online banking services in 17 states of the USA Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, and Florida. 

As per the industrial records, this banking institution is one of the largest retail partners with Walmart, i.e…, the most valuable multinational corporation of the USA introduced by Sam Walton of Walton’s family. 

It is noteworthy to mention that this foremost national bank of the USA is also well-known for its ‘second chance’ checking accounts for individual customers and businesses.

These checking accounts help customers and businesses to process active and effective banking with the round-o-clock available guidance of finance consultants and more. This strategy eliminates the risk of irresponsible banking and imparts 100% banking satisfaction.

Among the non-users of this national bank, the question ‘Is Woodforest a real bank?’ more often arises. In answer to this, we say ‘Yes!’ it is a real-bank with a Net income of approx 78.5 billion as per 2012 records. It also holds assets available up to 3.7 billion and Equity that values over 349 billion approximately. 

Since the introduction of this banking institution, it also holds a transit code allocated by the American Bankers Association. It is called Woodforest National Routing Number. Let’s know more about it.

Introduction to Routing Transit Number

By definition, RTN or Routing Transit Code/Number is a nine-digit code that processes protective net banking online. This concept of nine-digit code is introduced by ABA in 1910 as aforementioned.

This unique code allows the banking authorities to make sure that the online transactions made by the customers are safe and secure. This code ensures to track the location of the sender and the receiver of the funds during the transaction.

What is Routing Number Woodforest?

Woodforest Bank Routing Number is a nine-digit code allocated to the respective banking corporation by the ABA for protected net banking transactions such as automated bill payments, direct deposits, and wire transfers.

Check out the given list of routing codes for the respective bank distinctive based on the respective branches of the bank. 

  • Woodforest Routing Number Texas: 113008465 and 314972853. Both codes are compatible with making all types of e-transfers, wire transfers, and direct deposits.
  • Woodforest Routing Number NC, North Carolina: 053112592, compatible with all types of transfers.
  • Woodforest Routing Number Ohio is 044115809.
  • Woodforest Routing Number VA, Virginia is 053112592
  • Woodforest Routing Number Indiana is 081226829 and 071926809.

Check out the following list of locations along with its transit number for WF bank transfers.

  • Alabama: 314972853
  • Georgia: 314972853
  • Florida: 314972853
  • Illinois: 081226829 and 071926809
  • Kentucky: 314972853
  • Louisiana: 314972853
  • Maryland: 053112592
  • Mississippi: 314972853
  • New York: 314972853
  • Pennsylvania: 044115809 and 031319058

How to locate my Woodforest Routing Number?

You can locate your respective transit code by following the given steps.

  1. Check any of your cheques assigned to your bank account. 
  2. Observe the cheque. The 4-digit code is your cheque number.
  3. The 8 to 12-digit code is your bank account number.
  4. The nine-digit code at the bottom-left is your transit code.

You can also locate your transit code online.

  1. Go to Woodforest National Bank online website. Click here to go
  2. Click on the Login button in the online banking section on the left side of the screen. 
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Go to the Account Information.
  5. You can locate your transit code in one of the informational rows.

Note: You cannot make any online money transactions in the absence of a routing number for Woodforest national bank.

General FAQs

  • What’s my Account and Routing Number?

You can locate your account number and routing number on cheque or your online bank account on WF National Bank Website. Steps are given above.

  • How much does it cost to open a Woodforest Bank Account?

A Woodforest Bank Branch charges a minimum amount of $25 to open a bank account. These charges are directly deposited to your opening a bank account and a receipt is impartable. You can also withdraw this amount anytime after the bank account is opened and active. Interest is given on account balance with a minimum of $1,000 funds in the respective bank account. 

  • Is Woodforest Bank in all Walmarts?

No! WF National Bank is a partnered banking institution with the US largest retailer Walmart. But, only 17 branches of this corporation are locatable at Walmart. You can go to Google maps for searching for a nearby WF bank branch. 


Woodforest is an all-time out and about banking institution in the country. It serves more than 1 million customers in over 17 states. It is an active banking service providing the private corporation with second chance accounting opportunities.

It is noteworthy to mention that for any given transaction online, it demands transit number compatible to branch, and location of the sender as well as receiver.

This safety rule by the finance institution imparts freedom of net banking, a.k.a anytime-anywhere transfer of funds without standing in lines. 

“Good luck with Woodforest, the future of banking.”