What Is UW Credit Union Routing Number?

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The banking realm is serving its billion of valuable customers with 100% protection. The statement remained penciled in until the introduction of UW credit union routing number by the American Bankers Association.

Till the beginning of the 20th century, the country of the United States was suffering from the day-to-day improving cybercrimes in the Financial industry.

Without a doubt, money has always remained a factor of concern worldwide as people were not willing to trust the financial and investment companies with their funds.

Later on, the ABA allocated unique nine-digit code to each and every institution for much preserving online banking and data collection such as UW Credit Union routing number, allocated to the University of Wisconsin Credit Union for safer online monetary transactions. 

At this platform, we are today representing the current status of the US Banking system and how RTN, a.k.a Routing Transit Number takes the load-off the banking and financial authorities, whether public, private or semi-private. Let’s introduce you to the UW Credit Union.

What is UW Credit Union?

UW stands for the University of Wisconsin. It is a credit union that imparts various financial services to the citizens of the USA. This financial union came into existence in 1931 for which the credit is deliverable to the professors of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

At that time, the union was called the faculty union as it was only available for students and faculty of the university. Indeed today, this exclusive private credit union only serves the students, faculty members, and alumni of the university’s 26 campuses upon membership purchase. 

Beyond question, the UW is not a public union and only provides its financial services to very limited members. However, the corporation was yet allocated with routing numbers for safeguarded online banking.

As per the records, the financial association has grown up to 25,000 members. In actual fact, the UW credit union is beyond the largest union in the respective state along with over 100 ATMs free-of-cost. 

One of the major motives behind the introduction of UW to the routing system is safe-covering online direct deposits, and bill payments (within the university) such as online fee payment, scholarship and more.

Introduction to ABA Routing Transit number

ABA stands for American Bankers Association. It has introduced the concept of RTN in 1910 for facilitating a much-stronger system for 100% risk-free online banking.

The initial motive of introducing this nine-digit code remained quicker and competent deposits of cheques in the bank. Later, when online banking was introduced, the respective banking system in the USA kept the significance of Routing transit number perpetual.

Today, for making any online transaction, mobile applications, browsers, and personal banking applications ask for Routing numbers along with the bank account information. 

RTN is utilizable for the following type of e-transfers.

  • Online direct deposits
  • Fedwire transfers
  • FEDAch Transfers
  • International transactions
  • Automated bill payments (such as EMIs)
  • ATM funds withdrawal
  • Mortgage loan EMIs and payments
  • Debit and credit card transactions

What is the UW Credit Union routing number?

University of Wisconsin Credit Union Routing Transit Number is the nine-digit code allocated to the UW by the American Bankers Association. 

To locate your UW Routing code by using a cheque, you can follow the given steps.

  • Take a checkbook or cheque allocated to you by the credit union in your account number and name.
  • A four-digit code at the top is known as the check number. It changes as per check count.
  • At the bottom, there is a range of numbers. The middle twelve-digit code is your account number.
  • At the bottom-left, the given nine-digit code is your routing transit number that allows the banking institution to track your location and the other party’s location during the transaction.

You can also locate your credit union transit code via the online official website of the respective financial incorporation. 

  • For the UW Credit Union, go to its official website. Click here to visit directly
  • Click on the Login option.
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Go to Account Information.
  • You will be able to locate the routing number in one of the columns.

Note: You can also call UW Credit Union Customer Service anytime at 833-327-7372 and ask the executive for your routing number by verifying your account information such as Account Name, Account Number, Registered Mobile number and Date of Birth.

What is my UW Credit Union Routing Transit Number?

To find your Routing number online for the University of Wisconsin Credit Union, check out the following list of ABA Routing transit codes.  

The required Routing Transit number is 2759-7907-6 for the University of Wisconsin Credit Union. 

Note: UW Credit Union holds a single routing code for each online transaction as the financial corporation serves in the limited areas in the United States. 

Does UW Credit Union offer International money transfer?

The answer would be NO! The University of Wisconsin Credit Union only offers services to its members who are somehow related to the respective university. Thus, the corporation does not offer any international money transfer.

Before resting this case, it is also noteworthy to mention that UW Credit Union also does not have any SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code as it does not provide any international banking facility.

For more insightful information, you can drop your questions in the comment section.


University of Wisconsin Credit Union is a unique kind of financing company that provides personal loans, education loans and mortgage loans to its members only.

The single eligibility criteria for acquiring the membership of the credit union are: you must be a student, faculty member, alumni, immediate family members of the student, faculty member, or alumni of the university and Edgewood College. 

Routing Transit code allows the credit union to collect 100% details relating to an online transaction. Now! Receive more and more benefits of banking with a top-notch credit union in Madison, USA. 

Good Luck!