Synchrony Bank Routing Number Enlisted For Your Safety

Synchrony Bank routing number has not become one of the top-leading aspects of International money exchange systems as it protects the user from paying additional fees. That’s right! To begin with, the American Bankers Association has allotted a diverse and effective routing number for Synchrony Bank supportive of transactions via TransferWise.

To begin with, if you as a reader are looking to make a local money transfer, you do not require TransferWise Routing number for Synchrony bank. Instead, you only require an RTN (Routing transit number) associated with your parent branch. 

Thus, in this reading, we are presenting a list of Synchrony Bank Routing Number followed by the Branches and locations. Also, furthermore, check out our guide to locate Synchrony Bank Routing Number offline as well as online. Thus, Let’s begin:

What is Synchrony Bank Routing Number?

Check out the following list of Synchrony Bank Routing Number. In the meantime, here are few guidelines to follow before you pick out your routing number and utilize it for real-time money transfer.

  1. Pick the routing number that is associated with your parent branch (or region).
  2. For Synchrony Bank Routing Number Shawnee mission city, pick the routing number based on your parent branch’s address.
  3. Confirm or double-check routing number online via your online/mobile/net banking account, just to be sure!
  4. Do not try local routing numbers for international money transfer. For the same, you will need swift code instead. 



Region Branch’s Address Type of transaction Zip Code Routing number


Shawnee Mission

9510 West 67th Street FedACH Transfer 66203-0000 061119752


Shawnee Mission

9510 West 67th Street FedACH to RFI and Fedwire transfers 66203-0000 021213591



Suite 125  NA 84020-0000 042202688


All  – NA



How to find my Synchrony Bank Routing Number by check?

To do so, follow the stepwise instructions given below:

  1. Take any check associated with your bank account.
  2. Observe an imprinted series of codes at the bottom of the check.
  3. At the very left, observe a nine-digit code.
  4. This is your ABA Routing number for Synchrony bank. 
  5. It is applicable for direct check deposits via e-check machine.

How to find my Synchrony Bank Routing Number online?

To do so, follow the stepwise instructions given below:

  1. Download and install the Synchrony Bank Mobile App from Playstore or App Store.
  2. Further, Register or Login to your mobile banking account.
  3. Enter the User ID and password.
  4. Furthermore, Go to Account Information.
  5. Locate your RTN in one of the informative rows.

How to find your Synchrony bank routing number in the absence of check and net banking?

In rare cases like this, you can connect with the Synchrony bank customer care service agent at 1-866-419-4096. Further, inquire about the routing number associated with your parent branch. Also, keep your verification information ready such as bank account number. 

What is Synchrony Bank RTN useful for?

To begin with, currently, this banking and financial institution has three active routing numbers. This nine-digit code is useful in the following ways:

  1. Make direct deposits into a bank account. Thus, eliminates conveyance cost, time, and efforts.
  2. Process International Money transfer. Hence, while traveling overseas, synchrony bank offers financial stability and support. 
  3. Support electronic payment. Furthermore, automatically creates transaction history based on the receiver and senders’ parent branch. Consequently, eliminating offline data recording cost.
  4. Processes automatic payments such as EMI, utility bills, and credit card bills. Further, it automatically records time, the amount debited, and automatic payments made in the past as well.
  5. Records amount debited while card-swiping. Hence, provides the customer with a well-informative transaction history.
  6. Deducts the possibility of cyber fraud by recording the location of the receiver of the funds. Thus, in the case of account hack, RTN offers 100% authentic location information where funds have been reached.

About Synchrony Bank or Synchrony Financial

Foundation of Synchrony Bank

To begin with, the Synchrony bank is also known as Synchrony financial. It was introduced in September of 2013. It offers consumer financial services as a public corporation with its main headquarters routed in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

It is noteworthy to mention that it is an FDIC-insured banking institution with one of the highest net worth income recorded in 2018 for the Stamford area, I .e.., 2.79 Billion USD. Not only this, but Synchrony banking institution also holds the strongest payment systems in Connecticut.

Synchrony Bank acquisitions

Recently in 2017, Synchrony banking institution or Financial acquired GP Shopper. Not only this, Paypal (mobile banking app) for international transactions also comes under Synchrony Bank after acquisition in 2018 for 7.6 billion USD worth receivables.

Thus, this banking institution is an improved choice for customers who depend on money transfer and direct deposits via mobile/net banking. It is also a good choice of the bank when it comes to maintaining offshore bank accounts as Synchrony bank routing number and Swift code protects every transfer made overseas. 

Why choose Synchrony Bank?

For the most part, the credibility of Synchrony bank is not questioned as it is now declared as the largest provider of credit cards along with its private label. To begin with, it is a very rare accomplishment at a national level in the United States.

Furthermore, the bank is in business with high-end companies. For the most part, it includes Amazon, Guitar Center, Gap, and Lowe’s. Thus, Synchrony bank allocated credit cards lead to several deals at Amazon and other shopping platforms. 

Moreover, Synchrony bank and financial also includes diverse services such as Car Care that other public banks do not offer. In the meantime, the bank has also developed its innovative station overseas including Ohio, India, Hyderabad, Chicago, Illinois, and Connecticut. 

Above all, it offers a Certificate of Deposit deals at the current minimum rate with guaranteed returns. Furthermore, it helps its interested customers to maintain financial stability via grasping high-interest savings. Last but not least, now it has also developed in the field of mobile banking. 


In conclusion, Thus, we request you to check your routing number for the Synchrony bank account and stay at the top of your banking game. 

For further information or inquiry, you can connect with us online or drop it in the comment section. 

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