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With banking institutions, we keep our fingers crossed during wire transactions. Yes! There have been decades since online money transactions have become a part of our financing routines. However, almost every time we end up doubting whether the money will be credited to the right bank account. Or sometimes, we even doubt whether the transaction will be successful or not! Upon this, the SEFCU routing number provides maximum security of transactions. 

SEFCU routing number is 221373383.

What does SEFCU stand for? It stands for State Employees Federal Credit Union. This credit union presents the opportunity to eliminate such doubts. You heard us! Now, you can view the details of every transaction location-wise with the help of Routing transit number or RTN.

The question “what is RTN?” must have arisen in the minds of our readers. Let’s find out everything about SEFCU and RTN.

Introduction to SEFCU

By definition, SEFCU is a banking institution that was introduced in 1934 in the United States. The world-class banking institution holds headquarters in Albany, New York.

Most banking users question ‘is SEFCU a credit union?’ Yes! State Employees Federal Credit Union is a credit union, a.k.a, a non-profit banking institution or cooperative that mainly focuses on serving its account holders in the need of finance. As per the guidelines of a credit union, SEFCU is well-known to provide its users with money at a low rate of interest. 

Do you know? This mega credit union is also counted among the largest fifty unions in the USA. It holds the financial interest of over 3, 00,000 account holders among various states of the United States.

You must be wondering what does wire transactions have to do with this credit union! Well! Today, the users of SEFCU hold an advantage of making online money transactions or depositing checks through the new SEFCU app. What is the new SEFCU App? Let’s find out.

The new app is called iTeller on the go. This mobile application remains compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android users. The application allows the user to deposit checks directly into their bank accounts with SEFCU by providing check information online. Very convenient, isn’t it? Yet, how would you know if this online transaction is safe? Don’t worry! You can assure with Routing Number SEFCU or RTN. What’s that? Take a glimpse!

What is RTN?

RTN stands for Routing Transit Number. It is a number that is assigned by the ABA, American Banking Association to the largest banking institutions all over the United States for making online banking safer and secured. It is a nine-digit code that allows the bank institutions to track down some keen details regarding the sender of the money and the receiver of the money that allows the transactions to be recorded with 100% fraud-free. Informational factors such as:

  • Location of the sender of the money
  • Location of the receiver of the money
  • Amount sent
  • Amount received
  • Cheque number
  • Date of transaction
  • Time of debit and credit
  • Time of automatic debit and credit
  • Bill payments throughout the year
  • Fedwire funds transfer date, time and location

All the given information is tracked by the banking institutions like State Employees Federal Credit Union for the protection of the sender as well as the receiver of the money. 

What is SEFCU Bank Routing Number?

State Employees Federal Credit Union ABA Routing Number is a nine-digit code allotted by the American Banking Association to protect online money transactions by 100% cybersecurity. Times are gone when the bank account holders had to stand in lines for getting details about whether the funds are received or not, how much debit or credit has been done, to whom the money has been sent and what is the account balance? With the help of the routing number, now all the queries of the SEFCU users can be resolved with only tracking down the routing number.

For example, SEFCU routing number Albany NY, New York is 221373383. For 700 Patroon Creek BLVD branch of State Employees Federal Credit Union branch in Albany, the routing number is 21384572.

It is noteworthy to mention that sometimes one banking institution may hold more than one routing number, i.e.., different routing numbers to different branches of the bank. Alongside, this fact does not affect the utilization or benefits of ABA Routing numbers in any way.

How to track SEFCU Routing Number?

For tracking ABA number for the State Employees Federal Credit Union, follow the given steps:

How do I find out my transit number? By using checkbook:

  1. Take out your checkbook and observe any cheque.
  2. At the bottom-left of the cheque, there’s a nine-digit code given.
  3. This is your SEFCU ABA routing number.
  4. At the right of this nine-digit code, your account number must be given.
  5. By using this digit at an online website, you can trace the locations of the sender and receiver of the money anytime.

How do I find my bank’s routing number? By using an online website:

  1. Go to your online banking website of SEFCU.
  2. Click on the personal profile option.
  3. Click on account details
  4. Trace your routing number given under the personal bank account number.

Note: By calling the customer services of SEFCU, you can enquire about the customer executive for finding out the routing number for your branch. This routing number is utilizable for tracking locations, amounts, time of direct deposit, bill payment and more. 


State Employees Federal Credit Union is now providing 100% security of online transactions, bill payments, FEDtransfer funds, direct deposits, and automated money transfer. With the help of this transit number, you can now also check out details regarding automated money transfers concerning the monthly installments, credit card installments and more.

Enjoy comprehensive banking in the modern era. Feel free to write your inquiries below in the comment sections. We will resolve it for you.

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