Santander Routing Number, Security At Customer’s Earliest Convenience

The world has definitely gone cashless in the 20th century. Do you know what protects the whole online monetary exchange in the United States? Well! The answer is Santander routing number. That’s right! Any banking and financial organization in the U.S. takes major reward by utilizing routing transit number (RTN). 

Santander Routing Number is 231372691

RTN is a short term for Routing Transit number. It is a nine-digit code that shells any nationwide online wire transfer by tracking down the location of the sender as well as the receiver. This security mechanism creates a self-satisfying wire transfer directive. 

To the reader’s surprise, the concept of transit code was introduced by the American Bankers Association in 1910. Till today, ABA operates 360-degree net banking activities in the U.S. 

Do you know how to make an online money transfer? Well! The simplest answer is “by entering prepaid account name, and account number.” However, you may be missing on the Santander bank routing number.

Let’s introduce you to Santander Bank and how to use its routing number for making online transactions of funds from a prepaid Santander bank account?

What is the Santander Bank?

Santander Bank is a subsidiary National Banking institution in the United States. It was introduced in 1902 by the Souvenir Bank in Wyomissing in Pennsylvania. However, it holds its major operational headquarters in Boston in Massachusetts.

Within its successful banking operational journey of over 11 decades, it has reached the net income of 1.042 billion dollars. Apart from this, it has majored in introducing 650 retail offices all over the U.S. with approx 2, 000 ATMs nationwide. 

Check out the following personal, business, and commercial banking services offered by Santander Bank:

  • Checkings Account
  • Savings & Money Market Account
  • Overdrafts
  • Mobile Banking
  • Online Banking
  • Lines of Credit: Home, home equity, personal, overdraft, and Business
  • Merchant business service
  • International business service
  • ACH Payments
  • Wire Transfers
  • Payroll services for business
  • Business Equipment finance
  • Business Term loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Mortgages
  • Small Business Administration Loans or SBA Loans
  • Working Capital Solutions
  • Government Banking
  • Capital Market
  • Industry Banking Solutions
  • Financing home
  • Traditional Lending
  • International Trade Finance
  • Global Banking
  • Treasury management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Foreign Corporate Banking

Note: To gain the benefits of any of the personal, business, and commercial banking and finance services under the guidance and assistance of Santander Bank, connect and consult at Santander Bank’s official website portal.

What is my Santander Bank Routing Number?

Santander Bank routing number is a nine-digit code that successfully processes and protects any online monetary transaction through your Santander checking or savings account. Indeed, for making any ACH or Fedwire transfer, the website or mobile application asks to fill the routing number for Santander bank that is valid as per your branch.

Check out the list of transit codes to find your Santander Bank routing number:

  • Santander Bank Routing Number MA, NH, RI (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island) was 011075150 (till May 2012)
  • Santander Bank Routing Number MA, NH, RI (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island) is 231372691 (after May 2012)
  • Santander Bank Routing Number NJ New Jersey is also 231372691. 

Note: 011075150 routing number was only valid for Santander Bank Account numbers of 11 digits. However, they are no more valid. Thus, for all Santander bank prepaid accounts, the 231372691 routing number is applicable for use. 

How do I find my routing number, Santander?

You can locate your routing number for Santander bank by using a check or Santander Bank official website portal.

  • How to find my routing number using the checkbook?

Keep in mind the instructions given below and locate your Santander bank routing number:

  1. Take a checkbook associated with your Santander bank prepaid account.
  2. Find 4-digit routing code on top-right, it is your check number.
  3. Find a series of three codes at the bottom.
  4. At the right, you will find the check number imprinted again.
  5. In the middle, you will find your account number.
  6. On the left, you will find your Santander bank routing number valid to use as per your branch.
  • How to find my routing number for Santander bank online?

Keep in mind the instructions given below and locate your Santander bank routing number online:

  1. Visit Santander Bank official website portal.
  2. Click on the “Online Banking” option.
  3. Enter the User ID and Password.
  4. Click on the Login button.
  5. After logging in, click on the “view account details” option.
  6. Under your account number, you will find virtually imprinted nine-digit code., it is your routing number.

Note: If you neither have a checkbook with you nor have access to online banking, you can connect with Santander Bank customer service agent at toll-free number 877.768.2265.

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General FAQs

  • What is an IBAN number, Santander?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It is valid for overseas and offshore bank transfers. For making overseas bank transfers by using your Santander bank, you will need the IBAN number.

However, for now, Santander bank does not offer any online international banking services to its customers. Thus, if you desire to make an international transfer, you will need to visit the Santander bank branch near me (reader).

  • Is the Routing number and account number the same?

No! A routing number is a nine-digit code that is useful for making online money transfer. A branch of Santander bank provides the same routing number to all its customers. However, an account number is always a unique 11-14 digit code. 

  • What is swift code for Santander Bank UK?

Swift code is also known as BIC code. BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code. For Santander Bank, swift or BIC code is ABBYGB3EXXX. 


Santander Bank is one of the leading Retail banking companies that run under the name and ruling of Santander Group. It offers various banking and financial services all over the United States.

To prevail in any of the services, you can visit the nearest Santander bank branch and start the process with verification. 

“Santander Bank is en route to safe and effective banking. Good luck!”