PSECU Routing Number Offers Effective Wire Transfers

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PSECU Wire routing number transfers are one of the most commonly known definition for e-transfers of bank funds. Before 1910, the introduction to such an effective method of money transfer seemed impossible to the United States in the absence of a protective shield. Yet, ABA or American Bankers Association came to the rescue.

That’s right! To this day, what you call Routing number is introduced by ABA in 1910 for processing the online transfer of money. 

What brings the effectivity to the wire transfers? The answer remains Routing Transit Number. Every bank has a unique routing number. For example, the PSECU routing number is for the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union.

Stay tuned for some hidden benefits of the routing code and how one can use it for international transactions as well! Moving on, let’s take a glimpse of the definition of the PSECU.

What Is PSECU Bank?

PSECUS stands for Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union. It was introduced in 1934 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It also holds headquarters in the given location.

Today, this entire credit union is run by George Rudolph who is the president of the institution. As per the records, it is one of the largest credit unions in the United States with 450, 000 members. Apart from this, it also holds the largest monetary-wise volume of Net assets costing $5.5 Billion. 

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Services impart by the PSECU finance and banking institution are:

  • Savings Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Consumer Loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Credit Card allotment
  • Online Banking

For the readers’ who keep interested in becoming a member of this constitution, the question ‘How do you become a PSECU member?’ often come up in our comments section. Check out the following PSECU eligibility criteria for membership:

  • This institution allows membership to the people who already have a family member with the respective membership. Relations that are valid for these criteria are stepchild, grandchild, grandparent, step-parent, step-sibling, sibling, or spouse. 
  • PSECU is in business-relationship with many educational centers, colleges, and universities in Pennsylvania. Thus, if you are a student, faculty member or Alumni at any given college, university or educational center, you can apply for the membership.
  • Any Pennsylvania state employees, local employees at the service of the government, municipality employees, school employees and at the service of employers associated with PSECU can apply for the membership.
  • PRPS stands for Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society. It is another possible routine to acquire membership in question. To do so, you need to apply for PRPS membership for a $20 fee. This fee is inclusive of application fees, maintenance fees, and online accounting opening fee. As long as you are a member of PRPS, you can apply for the chief membership.

Follow the given steps to become a member or simply apply for PSECU membership.

What is PSECU Routing Number?

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union is a well-authorized credit union for providing finance and banking services to over 450, 000 members. For processing online banking, the PSECU payment application or browsing platform demands a transit code. Take a glimpse at the routing number PSECU.

For Direct deposits: routing code is 231381116.

The transit code given above is also applicable for processing wire transfers, FEDAch, and automated bill payment.

How to locate PSECU Routing number on check?

To find out your PSECU wire routing number via check, follow the given steps.

  • Take any of your cheques.
  • Observe a four-digit code on the top-right. It is your cheque number.
  • Observe a 12-digit or 8-digit code on the bottom-middle, it is your account number.
  • Observe a nine-digit code on the bottom-left, it is your transit code.

Note: you can also find out your transit code for PSECU by calling customer service or member service agent. Dial on 00 1 717-255-1760. For credit card support, you can dial on 00 1 402-399-3600.

General FAQs

  • Who can join PSECU?

To check eligibility criteria, check the above section for ‘How do you become a PSECU member?’ in this blog or go to PSECU official website. 

  • Can I transfer money from my PSECU to another bank?

The answer is Yes! Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union offers online banking services through which you can effortlessly transfer money from your PSECU bank account to the beneficiary’s account. To do so, you would require a transit code. Follow above- what is the PSECU Routing number?

  • How long does it take to get a loan from PSECU?

The respective finance and banking constitution takes 2-3 business days for passing a loan request. However, conditions apply. Conditions such as accuracy of documents, the purpose of the loan to remain legal, and source income for repayment of loan and good credit score.

It is recommendable to create a well-designed business idea for acquiring a loan for your organization. Apart from this, for an individual loan, income and repayment methods remain flexible. 

Once the authorities pass the loan request, one gets funds transferred into the PSECU account within 24-48 hours. 

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  • Does PSECU charge foreign transaction fees?

In this section, two conditions apply. If you are in another country and withdrawing money from your PSECU account, the bank does not charge any foreign transaction fees.

However, if you are making an international transaction via your PSECU bank account to a non-PSECU member, you must get permission from the official PSECU authorities at the nearest branch. Without permission, the transaction may fail and lead to risking funds. 

Note: PSECU also demands swift code for international wire transfers. It is PSEMUS31. 


PSECU transit code allows its members to experience smooth online banking. With this system, the unlimited perks come in the members’ way such as effective money transactions with no independent conveyance fees, less consumption of time and automatic banking records in the form of SMS. 

“Now Enjoy effective money fund transfers with Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, USA!”