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We often get stuck in difficult financial cycles and this can be tiresome at times. Getting rid of financial debts or to deal with emergencies, one needs a reliable financial advisor for the proficient company. One of the reliable names the financial world is p1fcu in Clarkston, WA, and other counties. This company is a member-owned that is a not for profit cooperation that serves around 13 counties in two different states of the US.

People of Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington are getting much-needed financial aids and facilitation to deal with all money-related issues. They stick to their organizational values to cater to the needs of their customers in the 13 county region. Their main concern is to provide help during the times of emergency and financial crisis to the people living in areas they serve to.

The way this company makes the lending procedure easy for all their borrowers is commendable. This is indeed one of the finest organizations working in the finance domain for the welfare of the people. The headquarters of this company is in Lewiston, Idaho since 1938 and still, all locations function equally to contribute as a whole.

About P1fcu In Lewiston And Other Branches

This organization is non-profit and still has a workforce of about 200 to 500 employees. All these people are working to make finances an easy business to deal with, even for the common people. You can easily find people of these states praising this company and some of them are taking their services as an inheritance.

They are with p1fcu for two decades and never asked any financial institution for help while this company is there to assist them. Bringing banking needs to the homes of people is the basic idea of this company as believe to cater to people with all modern techniques available for ease. The personnel is ready to cater to the needs of people with utmost politeness and friendly yet professional behavior.

p1fcu credit union

The best compliment for organization visible in their customer testimonials is, “they treat people like real humans and not like financial accounts” like the rest of the companies available in this market do. How genuinely they must have catered to the needs of that person who wishes to give this big appreciate comment.

This is the reason people love to get assisted by p1fcu in Hayden. Check your eligibility for the loan and to get the right source or lender to avail it. All you can ask or seek advice from the pro professionals available at this organization in the service of people. Also, there are many such facilitations that one can easily avail of this amazing organization and with the help of its dedicated members.

History of p1fcu post falls

This organization was initiated with 12 employees on April 29, 1938, in Potlatch Forest Inc. And, its certificate was issued by the Farm Credit Administration and the first meeting was set up in May in the same year. This interesting start-up was done by an organized group of people who shared a common bond and wish to do something extra.

They pooled their assets and lend money to the borrowers at the initial stage. It would be an intriguing example for business enthusiasts that they begin with a transaction of the trunk of a car. And, later they stored that in the Cigar box, this is how they entered this financial world. And, their growth was initiated in a year only when they grew 12 to 353 members that short span of time. Who knew back then, they can one of the renowned companies in the financial world and people would consider p1fcu a savior in Moscow & other areas.

Membership Of P1fcu Lewiston, Id Is Available

For becoming a member, you ought to meet the criteria as per the state laws you belong to and as per different states, the scenario differs. And, one needs to qualify the eligibility criteria to get the membership card.

  • In Idaho- Whether, you are from Adams, Boundary, Kootenai, Gem, Benewah, Clearwater, Latah, Lewis, Washington, Nez Perce, Shoshone, Bonner, Valley, and Payette Counties you can apply for membership but should a student, employee or employer. Also, your immediate family gets access to this membership.
  • Oregon- Baker, Umatilla, Harney, Morrow, Union and Wallowa Counties, Grant, and Malheur are counties present in Oregon and if they belong from any of them as a working professional or student, you can apply. Your immediate family members are allowed to get access to p1fcu credit card login, and enjoy the concerned benefits.
  • Washington- people living in Washington also get the same access as both other state citizens get. They can get the membership, whether they work, study or merely live in this state. Also, their family is authorized to get the same benefits as other people’s family gets.

The Core Motive Of P1fcu In Lewiston, Idaho

Their main value is to strive hard to make the financial aid ready for the borrowers and that too by taking care of their hard-earned money. Also, they have a great role play to enhance the credibility and economic value of the Credit Union. They wish the best for their members and help them to be ahead in the game of finances in this competitive era.

They work really hard since they are in this market to maintain a good status and increase their share in this market. They remain driven by its members and vice versa. This is one of the great contributors to the operational area of the Credit Union. Thus, they have a motive and a vision that serves their interests as well as the members attached to them.

Benefits Of P1fcu Login

  • They serve a diverse group of people who are in urgent need of monetary aid.
  • Despite the wide work scope, they support their members for making the right moves and to work in a great atmosphere. This allows the members to cater to the audience well in every possible way.
  • The people get catered with utmost honesty, respect, and integrity.
  • All the modern modes of services are available. P1fcu have online banking services enabled for their customers.
  • One needs not to go elsewhere when they have this organization available in their county.

The routing number of p1fcu is 323173313 that doubly assures people for online transactions and contributes to its reliability.

Locations At Which It Is Available At-

1 p1fcu Bonners Ferry Branch

6673 Main St

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


2 p1fcu Culdesac Branch

806 Phinney Street

Culdesac, ID 83524


3 p1fcu Grangeville Branch

908 W Main

Grangeville, ID 83530


4 Hayden Branch

200 W Honeysuckle

Hayden, ID 83835


5 P1fcu Ponderay Branch

476864 Highway 95 N, Suite D

Ponderay, ID 83852


These are some of the p1fcu locations with the proper address. However, there is a total of 33 Counties that are being servedSo, when are you going to take their exclusive service to make your financial journey easy?