What Is Onpoint Credit Union Routing Number? How To Get It?

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A new system in the USA for net banking has been introduced. It is called online banking through the Onpoint Credit Union Routing number. This system shells the Onpoint Credit Union’s transactions. ABA RTN stands for American Bankers Association Routing Transit number

Note: Every banking, finance and investment institution in the USA is allocated with a transit code by ABA. 

As a starters’ fact, the banking and finance institutions in the United States are growing stronger at the rate of technology. Without a doubt, since 1910, this outstandingly managed country has introduced the supreme type of banking, I .e.., online banking or net banking. 

Is online banking safe? 

If you were talking about net banking in any other country than the USA, we might hesitate to assure you regarding its safety and security, however, the USA has aced the concern and provided its citizens with the safest security system for banking, that is, the RTN system.

Introduction to Onpoint Credit Union

By definition, Onpoint Credit Union (earlier known as Oregon Community Credit Union) was introduced in the 1900s as a non-profit banking organization in Eugene, Oregon. During the introduction in 1956, the banking institution was named Lane Federal Credit Union. 

  • Members and ownership of Onpoint Credit union

As per the records for the year 2003, the credit union was holding more than 1, 50, 000 members among the twenty-eight Oregon counties.

It is noteworthy to mention that the respective finance corporation provides its members with part-ownership and thus, they hold a right over its success for decades. 

  • Onpoint Credit Union promotes online banking

Most users doubt whether OnPoint union promotes online banking and question ‘does OnPoint credit union use Zelle?’ Well! We are proud to inform you that the debit and credit cards allocated in the name of Onpoint Credit union by the official authorities remain compatible with various peer-to-peer payment mobile applications such as PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, cash.me, Samsung pay and Android pay. 

  • Services of OnPoint Credit Union

Onpoint Credit union offers finance-related services including the following:

  • National and international investments
  • Mortgage loans
  • Vehicle loans
  • Home equity
  • Offline banking
  • Net banking
  • Debit and credit card services

OnPoint finance institution has remained careful towards the members of Oregon and imparts them with 100% secure net banking.

One of the chief features of the Oregon Community Credit Union is that it has been appointed among the 22 top-notch banks in the United States by the American Bankers Association.

As a consequence, this respective finance institution has allotted a Routing Transit number for processing successful national transactions online. 

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What is the OnPoint CU Routing Number?

Routing Number OnPoint Oregon is 323075880. This RTN code remains compatible to make online direct deposits into OnPoint bank accounts, Fedwire transfers, and FEDAch transfers.

It is noteworthy to mention that earlier till 2002, the bank was acknowledged as Oregon Community Credit Union and it was holding 14 listed branches in Oregon in the given year.

Till 2003, the routing number for OnPoint Oregon was 323274461. Thus, customers must not confuse between the two given routing codes on different platforms on the internet. 

How to locate the OnPoint Community Credit Union Routing number?

To find out your OnPoint routing number by using the cheque method, follow the below steps.

  • Observe any cheque in your checkbook.
  • The four-digit code is your cheque number.
  • The 12-digit code is your account number. It is usually given in the bottom-middle.
  • The nine-digit code is your transit code. It is usually given at the bottom-left.

To find out your Onpoint transit code online, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the OnPoint Credit Union official website.
  • Click on the Login Button at the top-right of the screen.
  • Enter Login ID and Password in the box appeared on the screen.
  • Click on the Login button at the bottom of the dialogue box.
  • Go to the Account Information.
  • You will find Onpoint routing code and SWIFT code in the given rows of information with titles/headers.

To find your transit code, you can also contact the OnPoint Credit Union customer service or member service. Dial 503-228-7077 or 800-527-3932. 

General FAQs

Does OnPoint Credit Union use Zelle?

Yes! OnPoint Credit Union supports online payment via Android pay, Samsung Pay and Apple pay. To do so, you would require to link your debit or credit cards with the given application accounts.

Alongside this, you can process online banking via various other peer-to-peer payment mobile applications such as Cash.me, Venmo and Zelle. 

Is OnPoint a good Credit Union?

OnPoint is a good credit union that has grown its Net assets from 66 million approximately in the year 2003 to 1 billion dollars approximately in the year 2013. Apart from this, it’s net income has improved by 78% in 2013 with a record of $6, 844, 064.

What is the bank routing number?

A bank routing number is a nine-digit code that allows a customer to make direct deposits in his account with 100% security. This routing code is also demanded by every payment mobile application to make an online payment via debit or credit card for security purposes. 

Does OnPoint do currency change?

Yes! OnPoint processes currency change, however, one is required to notify the immediate branch of the respective credit union before traveling abroad.

You can also visit the OnPoint credit union official website and mark the currency exchange option under the digital banking options. For more details, go to https://www.onpointcu.com.


OnPoint Community Credit Union has grown its mortgages services in various categories such as personal loans, business loans, and education loans. One is not required to note transit code in case of loans.

However, if you are handling your bank account, you may require the transit code now and then. 

It is noteworthy to mention that the OnPointCU also supports international online or net bank. For making payment overseas, you would require a SWIFT Code that is OCCUUS66 for the incoming wire. For outcoming wire, the information is not available. 

“OnPoint CU Routing Number–Supports you all the way!”