MidFlorida Routing Number That Supports Every VENMO Transfer

MidFlorida Credit Union is one of the fastest-growing banking and financial institutions in Lakeland, Florida. The credit union offers swift mobile banking services in the United States. with the assistance of ABA’s allotted MidFlorida Credit Union Routing Number, users of online banking feel protected. In the meantime, In this reading, locate your Midflorida routing number. Furthermore, check out significant information concerning RTN. Therefore, if you are looking to take MidFlorida Credit Union services, you have reached the right platform.

What Is My MidFlorida Routing Number?

To begin with, the MidFlorida credit union serves in 49 locations across Florida in the United States. Alongside this, some locations have multiple branches. Hence, Check out the following list to find out MidFlorida Credit Routing Number for your location:

Altamonte Springs 263179804
Arcadia 263179804
Auburndale 263179804
Avon Park 263179804
Bartow 263179804
Bay Pines 263179804
Brandon 263179804
CapeCoral 263179804
Clear Water 263179804
Haines City 263179804
Kissimmee 263179804
Lake Land 263179804
Largo 263179804
Lutz 263179804
Maitland 263179804
Lake Wales (for all 8 branches) 263179804
Lake Placid 263179804
Naples 263179804
New Port Richey 263179804
Okeechobee 263179804
Orlando 263179804
Plant City 263179804
Pinellas Park 263179804
Port St. Lucie 263179804
Sebring 263179804
Spring Hill 263179804
Tampa 263179804
St. Petersburg 263179804
Winter Haven 263179804
Wauchula 263179804
Vero Beach 263179804

What is the MidFlorida routing number for wire transfers?

The MidFlorida credit Routing number for Wire transfers is 263179804.

How to find my MidFlorida credit routing number?

There are three methods to find out your routing number. That is, applicable to your MidFlorida Credit Union bank account. Check out these methods below. Further, locate your routing number for Midflorida bank in Florida as per the resources available with you.

Method 1: Find the Midflorida routing number by check.
  • Take a check linked with your bank account at the MidFlorida credit union.
  • Locate imprinted series of numbers at the bottom.
  • At the left of the series, locate nine-digit code.
  • This is your routing number for the Midflorida bank account.
  • Furthermore, in the middle, the 12-digit number is your bank account number. 
Method 2: Find Midflorida routing number by Net banking account.
  • To begin with, Download and Install MidFlorida Mobile Branch from Playstore.
  • Further, Enter the User ID and password to log in. 
  • Simply Register, if you have not registered for net banking.
  • Go to account information.
  • Locate the routing number in one of the columns.

Method 3: Above all, You can also connect with MidFlorida Customer service offline. To begin with, Dial 863) 688-3733 or Toll-free (866) 913-3733. Further, Ask the agent regarding the routing number by confirming/verifying your account number. Also, beforehand, keep information by your side. Such as bank account number, bank name, and branch upon inquiry by the agent for verification purposes.

About MidFlorida Credit Union

Introduction to MidFlorida Credit Union

MidFlorida Credit Union introduced in 1954. It has now become the fourth largest and simultaneously growing credit union in the state of Florida. Therefore, It has spread its branches throughout 49 locations. Today, it offers its high-end services to over 300, 000 permanent members.

To begin with, it was formerly known as Polk County Teachers Credit Union. However, In early 2000, it changed its name and service arena to Sumter, Okeechobee, and Hardee counties.

Furthermore, it has merged as well as acquired various credit unions. This was in order to strengthen a banking and financial branch that serves the community at best. 

MidFlorida Credit Union Merges

To begin with, In June 2010, the MidFlorida bank merged with Bay Gulf Credit Union. Consequently, open its services to natives in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. In the meantime, the Bay Gulf Credit union was holding 1.4 Billion USD worth assets. Alongside this, it also had 20, 000 members. 

Further in 2011, MidFlorida also took entire control of Space Coast Credit Union including 16, 000 of its members. Consequently, delivering its banking services in Pen, Florida. Today, Midflorida operates all 14 branches. It includes Pinellas county, Hillsborough county, and Pasco county. 

As a result, Later in 2012, the Indian River Credit Union and MidFlorida Credit Union merged in order to improve banking and financial services offering in both Vero Beach and Sebastian areas in Florida. Above all, The merger without a doubt offered control of $55.5 million assets and over 9000 members. 

For the most part, At the latest, in 2019, MidFlorida Credit Union merged with two credit unions including Community Bank and Trust and First American Bank. As a result, it has expanded its services to Ocala in Florida. 

Did merge cause change in routing transit number?

No! The MidFlorida Credit Union merges do not impact routing numbers. The reason being, routing transit numbers (nine-digit code) are allocated by the American Bankers Association.

Therefore, bank account holders can use a 263179804 routing number to receive or send monetary funds via the Midflorida bank account

List of services offered by MidFlorida Credit Union

MidFlorida bank services are:

  • Personal banking
    • Savings account
    • Checking account
    • Youth account
    • Credit card
    • Debit card
  • Investment services
    • IRA
    • Certificates
    • Financial Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Education Planning
    • Trust & Investment planning
    • Financial Calculator
    • CD Rates
  • Business Banking
    • Credit Cards for Business
    • Business Accounts
    • Payroll services
    • Merchant services
    • Investment
    • Cash management
    • Financial calculator
  • Loans & Mortgages


In conclusion, MidFlorida routing number remains a significant code to make any type of online banking transfer. Above all, It protects the monetary transaction. And further, records it automatically for the assistance of banking authorities.

In the meantime, it is not doubt that RTN is the root of viewing the history of transactions in your online banking profile. Register for online banking today at the nearest MidFlorida Credit Union Branch. 

Hence, For any additional information, connect with us online. Further, attain the information regarding additional uses of routing numbers.

Therefore, Come back to this article for any further updates in the routing transit number system in the United States. Therefore, We keep you tuned to what’s new!