GECU Routing Number, Route To Endless Secured Direct Deposits

GECU Routing number is not modern banking and financial instituted technology. However, it has been one of the most effective of all times. In the United States, ABA, I .e.., American Bankers Institution introduced RTN.

It is also known as the Routing transit number. Till now, ABA has linked almost all the banking organizations in the U.S. with unique transit codes. It is a nine-digit code.

The purpose of this code is to allow the banking authorities to accurately track the location of the banking branch from which the funds have been transferred online. The same concept goes for the receiver of the funds.  

In short, all the customers need RTN for making any online fund transfer using prepaid bank account securely. It is noteworthy to mention that in the history of banking, no transaction has gone wrong or been a victim of cyber fraud. Thus, we can say that this strategy has worked out for all the banking customers in the United States.

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What is GECU?

GECU stands for Government Employees Credit Union. It was introduced in 1932 with its headquarters in El Paso Texas in the United States.

It is one of the prominent operational credit unions that work under the guidance of the NCUA or National Credit Union Administration. Till today, GECU has successfully embraced the lives of its over 390, 000 permanent members who find its banking and financial services quite opportune. 

Check out the following list of services offered by the Government Employees Credit Union at the national level:

  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Checkings Account
  • Savings Account
  • Youth Account
  • Money Market
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • ATMs for cash or check deposit services
  • Investment and Trust funds
  • Money Management tools
  • Individual Retirement Account
  • Personal Loans
  • Car financing
  • Credit Cards
  • GECU Fast Cash ™
  • Business Loans
  • Home loans
  • TruStage Insurance
  • Cash Management
  • Commercial Lending
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Business Deposits Account
  • Business checking account
  • Health Insurance Program
  • Community Development

It is noteworthy to mention that all the given services offered by the Government Employee Credit Union are open for acquisition for the citizens of El Paso, Dona Ana and Hudspeth counties.

Apart from this, one must be living in any of the given counties or provide permanent address proof directing to the given locations in Texas.

What is the routing number of GECU?

GECU Routing number El Paso Tx is 312081089. It is important to recognize that GECU only holds a single routing number for all its branches in the three counties. Thus, GECU Routing number Dona Ana is also 312081089. And, the same transit code is applicable for GECU Hudspeth branches. 

To make optimum utilization of this nine-digit GECU El Paso Routing number, you can download the GECU Mobile app from the play store. This application allows you to process various forms of banking transactions online such as peer-to-peer transactions of funds, direct deposits, and view bank balances in GECU prepaid bank account. 

How do I find my routing number GECU?

You can locate your GECU bank routing number by three methods. First, check associated with your bank account; second, Net banking account and third, online GECU official website portal.

Follow the steps given below to find your routing number GECU using check:

  1. Take a check issued to you currently or in the past.
  2. Check at the top. 4-digit code is your check number GECU.
  3. Check the bottom-middle, 8-12 digit code is your GECU account number.
  4. Check the bottom-left, 9-digit code is your GECU El Paso routing number.

To locate your routing number by using an online banking account, follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the GECU official website portal
  2. Enter USER ID in the column given at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter Password and click on the Sign-in option.
  4. Go to the “View Account details” option.
  5. You will find the GECU routing number mentioned below in your account number.

To make this process easy, you can simply visit the GECU official website portal, you will easily find a yellow thin bar at the top of the screen below the GECU logo. This bar mentions the GECU routing number. Alongside this, you can also connect with the GECU customer service agent at toll-free number 915.778.9221.

General FAQs

Can I open a GECU account online?

Yes! You can open a GECU account online by visiting the GECU official website portal. You then click on the “Chat Online” option and connect with your GECU banking consultant. He/she will inform you regarding the further procedure. It is recommendable to keep all your general documents ready for online verification.

How much can I withdraw from GECU ATM?

GECU ATM cash withdrawal limit is $1000 per day using per card. It is recommendable to check your account balance beforehand. Earlier, GECU ATM had no limit regarding the cash withdrawal. Thus, you must not try to withdraw over $1000 at a time like before.

Is GECU Nationwide?

Yes! GECU ATM and mobile application services are nationwide. However, only government employers in El Paso, Dona Ana, and Hudspeth counties can join GECU as a customer or permanent banking member. 

Can I deposit money at an ATM GECU?

Yes! GECU ATM remains round-o-clock open for money deposit and cash withdrawal. You can find over 2-3 GECU ATMs in your locale. It is recommendable to carry information related to your GECU Bank accounts such as account number and GECU routing number. 


GECU is a world-class credit union for employers in the three counties in Texas. It is mainly based in Texas and thus, it is open for joining for all employers in El Paso, Dona Ana, and Hudspeth. Again, it is also open for joining to the government employees and their family members.

GECU or Government Employee Credit Union shells all the banking and financial services. It also provides all-rounding benefits of an online banking system by introducing its GECU Mobile app. 

“To join GECU and finance your savings better, go to the GECU official website and Chat online with your consultant!”