First Hawaiian Bank Routing Number List For Customers’ Comfort

First Hawaiian Bank also shortly known as FHB falls among the top 100 largest American Banks by Forbes with a record of over $20 billion worth assets. Furthermore, FHB caters as a public banking institution, thus, holding 57 branches across Hawaii with services that serve the public’s financial needs at best. To begin with, the First Hawaiian Bank routing number is highly required by the online banking service users of FHB. This nine-digit code successfully proceeds any type of online monetary transaction with a 100% protection shield. 

To the reader’s surprise, the mechanism of routing transit numbers was introduced by the American Bankers Association for the sole purpose of easy banking. However, the system ended up offering much more benefits than just acting as a protection server for net banking. 

Hence, in this reading further, readers can view a list of First Hawaiian Bank all branches listed along with their respective routing numbers. Furthermore, you can also view how to locate FHB routing code online as well as offline. Also, the benefits of the routing number for First Hawaiian Bank. And, last but not least, a brief history of FHB. 

What is my First Hawaiian Bank routing number?

Check out the given list of FHB Routing Numbers along with the type of transactions applicable with the respective RTN:

Chinatown Branch in Honolulu 121301015
Honolulu Main Branch 121301015
King-Liliha Branch 121301015
Liliha Branch 121301015
Ward Branch 121301015
Makiki Branch 121301015
Kapiolani Branch 121301015
Kalihi Branch 121301015
Sand Island Branch 121301015
Easton Square Branch 121301015
University Branch 121301015
Waikiki Branch 121301015
Manoa Branch 121301015
Moanalua Branch 121301015
Kapahulu Branch 121301015
Kaimuki Branch 121301015
Kahala Branch 121301015
Pearlridge Branch 121301015
Aina Haina Branch 121301015
Kahuku Branch 121301015
Haleiwa Branch 121301015
Waipahu branch 121301015
Hawaii Kai Branch 121301015
Ewa Beach Branch 121301015


Furthermore, check out the following list for First Hawaiian Bank routing number Guam and CNMI.

For Direct deposits and local transfers:

Guam Territory                                                           121405238

CNMI, Northern Mariana Islands                               121403065

For App-based wire transfers:

Guam Territory                                                           121301015

CNMI, Northern Mariana Islands                            121301015

Oahu                                                                             121301015

Saipan                                                                           121301015

How to locate my routing number for First Hawaiian Bank offline?

To do so, you can use either use check or customer service available for FHB customers.

Find out your routing number for FHB by check:

  1. Take any check associated with your FHB Bank Account.
  2. Furthermore, Observe a series of 3 codes imprinted at the bottom.
  3. At the very left, 9-digit code is your FHB routing transit code. 
  4. Where is the account number on the first Hawaiian bank check? 
  5. Thus, to find out your account number, view in the middle of a series of codes.
  6. 8-12 digit code is your FHB Account number

Now, if you do not have a checkbook, you can connect with the customer service agent on toll-free 888 844-4444 OR 800 228-6181 for Oahu (only for impaired customers).

How to locate my routing number for First Hawaiian bank online?

Note: To apply the following method, you must have registered for online banking services.

  1. Download and Install First Hawaiian Bank Mobile App.
  2. Enter the User ID and password/pin to log in.
  3. Go to account information.
  4. Find out RTN in one of the informative rows.

About FHB Bank

First Hawaiian Bank foundation

To begin with, FHB was introduced in 1858. It holds its main headquarters in Honolulu, HI. In 2017, it was declared as one of the top 100 largest banking institutions by Forbes. Today, it is majorly owned by the NASDAQ stock market after the acquisition of shares from BNP Paribas L.A.

In the meantime, First Hawaiian Bank has accomplished a new level of financial stability by declaring Net Income worth $230 Million in 2016. Apart from this, its revenue at the time valued $709 million. 

Acquisition and Merges…

FHB in 2001, acquired Union Bank of California, thus expanding its service areas to Guam and Saipan. However, for the readers’ information, customers of Union Bank of California are bind to use the same routing number as before, I .e.., 122000496. But, if you are a customer at FHB, the applicable routing number for you will be 121301015 for wire transfers. On the other hand, for direct deposits, use the 121405238 routing number for First Hawaiian Bank Guam.

First Hawaiian Bank services

FHB is well-known for its all-round banking services. From personal banking to high-end banking tools, it covers all significant public banking aspects of the modern age. Let’s take a glimpse:

  • Personal Banking
    • Checkings Account
    • Savings Account
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
    • Loans and LOC
    • Mortgages
    • Banking plans and programs for students
    • Insurance
    • Investment
    • Online and Mobile Banking
  • Business services
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Check Guarantee
    • Payroll
    • Business Tax
    • Cash Management
    • SBA Loans
    • Leasing
    • Employee Benefits Plan
  • Wealth Management
  • Services and Tools

Why use the First Hawaiian Bank Routing Number?

To begin with, the Routing Number for First Hawaiian Bank is a compulsory requirement to make any type of monetary funds transfer online. Not only does this nine-digit code limit the possibility of cybercrimes but it also eliminates the burden of data recording off the shoulders of banking authorities. 

Let’s check out the benefits of routing number for First Hawaiian Bank:

  1. RTN helps in processing local money transactions by sitting at home.
  2. Further, This method saves conveyance costs, time, and energy.
  3. It reduces the unending use of paper to record time-to-time transactions as it helps to record them online automatically.
  4. Routing number helps in tracking the location of the sender and receiver of funds. 
  5. Hence, It interrupts the transaction in case of the wrong account number or wrong branch.
  6. To begin with, By using the Routing number for First Hawaiian bank, you can make direct deposits into your bank account without visiting a branch.
  7. It helps the bank to save funds on data entry labour and much more.
  8. Above all, it makes their lives much easier with swift online banking supportive features.

To Sum Up…

In conclusion, FHB is a vastly growing banking network in Hawaii. It treats its customers with maximum ease-of-banking via the first Hawaiian bank routing number. With the growth, it is also running towards development in the context of online banking. Now, you can open a bank account at FHB online. Visit here to apply now

Thus, For more inquiry, connect with us online.