ENT Credit Union Routing Number, Establishing Successful Wire Transfers For Decades

ENT routing number offers 100% successful online wire transfers. When it comes to transferring money online, there are various barriers that can lead to the user’s loss. However, the introduction of routing transit code by the ABA has offered complete security for the U.S. users. 

While making a direct deposit into your ENT Credit union savings account or transferring money through an online money transfer mobile application, the respective routing code stands as a significant factor.

Along with account number, the web page asks for a nine-digit code, i.e.., transit code for tracking down your location and the location of the receiver of the funds. 

With such a keen and insightful postulation of information by the American Bankers Association, the accounts holders with the ENT Credit union can enjoy secure net banking by sitting at home. 

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Introduction To ENT Credit Union

This 14 counties limited credit union was introduced in 1957 for benefiting the citizens of the United States with its highly flexible financial services. ENT holds its headquarters in Colorado.

It also provides its services in the area in and around Colorado including Adams, Jefferson, Fremont, Elbert, Broomfield and Weld County. 

Here’s a fun fact, the ENT Credit Union’s introduction was based on the motive of serving military officers and staff members as it was sincerely associated with the ENT Air Force base as well as the Peterson Air Force base during World War II. 

To the reader’s surprise, today, ENT Credit Union holds over 300, 000 permanent members. The services offered at this banking and financial institution in Colorado are:

  • Savings Account
  • Checkings account
  • Consumer loans
  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards
  • Online banking 
  • Youth Banking
  • Money Market
  • Personal loans
  • Student loans
  • Wealth management
  • Private banking
  • Investment
  • Insurance

What is the routing number for ENT Credit Union?

ENT Credit Union routing number is a nine-digit code that allows an ENT account holder to successfully transfer or deposit money online. This code allows the ENT banking authorities to process safe and secure wire transfers, automated bill payments, credit card transactions, direct deposits and much more. 

ENT FCU Routing number 307070005. 

It is noteworthy to mention that the ENT Credit Union has only allotted one routing code. If you are also a customer of another bank, you must check your routing number with a customer care agent or checkbook. It is because the American Bankers Association has also allotted multiple routing numbers to few banking and financial institutions in the United States.

Where do I find my ENT Routing number?

  1. Take a checkbook associated/linked with your ENT Credit union savings or checking account. 
  2. Observe any cheque. 
  3. The 4-digit code on the top is your check number.
  4. At the bottom, there are three codes.
  5. The 9-12 digit code in the bottom-middle is your account number.
  6. At the bottom-left, the 9-digit code is your routing number for ENT Federal Credit union.

You can also follow the given below instructions to locate your ENT routing number in the absence of a checkbook.

  1. Visit ENT Credit Union official website
  2. Login into your account. Enter “Username” 
  3. Enter password.
  4. Go to your account information.
  5. You will find your routing code under the account number. 

Note: For logging in to your ENT Credit union online account, you must have registered for online banking at the respective ENT bank branch.

General FAQs

Is ENT Credit Union nationwide?

Yes! The ENT credit union has become nationwide now. A user can find an ENT ATM or coin machine anywhere in the United States. However, these ATM services are only available for the registered members of the bank.

Does ENT have a coin machine?

Yes! ENT Credit Union holds coin machines installed at various locations in the United States. Without a doubt, you must be a registered member of the credit union to utilize the services of ENT coin machines. 

Who can join ENT Credit Union?

ENT credit union bank in the U.S. allows the users to become its members between the age of 15 to 26 years. It is also noteworthy to mention that the interested candidate under the age of 18 years must bring his/her parents or guardian to sign up for any banking and financial services with the ENT. Apart from this, ENT Credit union services are only available in 14 counties in Colorado. 

What is my ENT Account number?

ENT Account number is a 13-digit number. To locate your account number, you can visit the online ENT Credit union login portal. You can also check your checkbook.

At the bottom middle, you will find your 13-digit ENT Account number. You can also connect with the respective bank’s customer service agent at toll-free number 888-241-2510 or 1-701-461-2300 (for international calls).

Is ENT a good credit union?

Yes! ENT credit union is a well-known credit union. It is also associated with the ABA for providing 100% security of online money transfer to its members. ENT bank routing number is 307070005. With the help of this routing number, the bank authorities record all the details of a transaction including locations.

How do I activate my ENT debit card?

To activate your ENT Credit union debit card, it is recommendable to login to your account online at ENT Credit union www portal. Click on the online banking button, confirm your debit card by verifying a few details and click on the activate button.


ENT Credit union bank routing number serves its purpose of providing all small details related to one transaction. From making local online money transfer to an international one, the transit code ENT plays its part. Users are recommended to note their routing code beforehand while making an online direct deposit or money transfer (Fedwire or FED Ach). 

“ENT offers 100% secure transaction. Connect today for processing a successful money transfer within seconds. It’s the perfect example of modern age banking!”