EECU Routing Number Check Online

EECU Routing Number (Educational Employees Credit Union RTN). It is one of the exclusively developed credit unions in the United States. This banking and finance organization delivers a number of services for the benefit of the members of the workforce. Services such as:


Checking & savings accounts, and

Credit cards

 …help the employees to improve their financial status in the long-run. 

Talking of lifestyle, EECU is also contributing to providing online banking services via EECU routing number ABA security system.  If you are an employee with net banking activated with EECU, the non-profit organization.

Thus, you will require an EECU routing transit number for acquiring the benefits of banking from home. Yes! The concept of net banking has now become safe and secured. Even when you are making a transaction in the absence of bank authorities, you can be assured that your funds reach out to the intended beneficiary. 

History and Establishment of EECU

Since its establishment in 1934, EECU intends to support employees in such a way that they find it easy to access or sign up for automobile loans, home loans, and credit cards. These services help the employees to build a financial itinerary. To accomplish the mission of becoming one of the top 10 convenient employees credit unions in the United States, EECU is now offering EECU routing transit code complimented banking from home. 

Furthermore, the credit union is also providing the following services for not just employees, but also students in the U.S.

  • Checkings Account
  • Savings Accounts & CDs
  • SBA Loans
  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Auto loans
  • Home & Auto Insurances
  • Business Banking Solutions
  • Mortgages & Equity
  • Personal & Student Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Investment & Retirements

The Chairman of the EECU, Mr. George Thompson Jr. mentions that EEC’s mission is supporting the demand of the banking industry. Furthermore, it supports the employees’ community US. The reason being, EECU roots a better manner of living with 100% comfort and zero percent pressure from financial errands.  

What is EECU Routing Number Fresno?

To begin with, EECU’s main branches are situated in Fresno, California. Thus, EECU Fresno Routing Number is 311981614. It is a nine-digit code transit number allotted to the EECU by American Bankers Association. This code is very significant to remember while making any online-based money transfer using an EECU Bank account. 

What is the purpose of EECU Routing Number Fresno?

Routing transit numbers or RTNs are the main base of any type of money transfer that has been made using an online mobile app. Thus, the EECU Routing code protects every transaction against identity theft.

It is a possible threat in the banking industry. This unlawful mechanism is recurrent in the U.S.  Hence, to prevent your account funds from cyber theft; recognize the EECU transit routing number Fresno. This nine-digit code delivers the following benefits:

Quick money transfer

311981614 is the EECU Routing transit number. This code quickly verifies the location of the home branch of EECU. Further, it creates a strong connection between the sender and the sender’s home branches. It results in quick money transfer without any connection distribution error. 

Detailed transactions

When it comes to EECU transit numbers, you do not need to fill any type of deposit form to make a bank transfer. Hence, the user may find online transactions skeptical. However, that is not it. The reason being, routing number EECU obtains all the important details and saves them in the form of the transaction history.  Furthermore, this history is linked to the EECU Bank account. Hence, it creates an automatic record that remains accessible by the banking authorities. Details such as:

  • Beneficiary name,
  • Account number,
  • Bank branch,
  • Routing number,
  • Amount of transaction,
  • Time of the transaction,
  • Date of transaction, and
  • Transaction status are generally recorded.

Environment-friendly system

By using a routing number system, EECU and other banking institutions are saving the environment in many ways. For example, people do not need to drive to the bank premises. 

Thus, savings upon natural resources. Further, acts as a prevention against pollution. Not only this, EECU Routing transit number Fresno helps the banking industry at global level. For example, but the bank does not need to record transactions on paper as all transactions are saved on the device automatically. 

Multiple types of transactions 

EECU Fresno routing number 311981614 supports many types of banking transactions. For example, by entering a routing number and account number on a mobile application. A customer can make direct deposits into an EECU Bank account without needing to visit the home branch. 

Above all, EECU RTN is useful for making various transactions. For example, FedACH money and Fedwire transfers, direct deposits, peer-to-peer money transfer, automatic utility bill payment, and assess credit score.

Thus, to make online transactions via the EECU bank account, write-down your routing transit number.

How do I find my routing number EECU App?

To find your routing number via EECU App, follow the given guide:

  1. Download and Install the EECU App.
  2. Login by using Net Banking info: user ID and password.
  3. Go to Account Information (or, Account History Page)
  4. Locate the nine-digit code below the Account number.

As a result, you have successfully located the routing transit number for EECU. How do I find my routing number EECU offline? To find your transit code offline, you can use the EECU checkbook.

  1. Take any check linked with your EECU savings account.
  2. At the top, a 4-digit code is your check number.
  3. To locate your 13-digit account number, look at the bottom-middle. 
  4. Further, At the bottom-left, nine-digit 311981614 is visible.
  5. It is your EECU nine-digit transit code.

If you do not have a checkbook or EECU App access, you can connect with the EECU customer service agent at toll-free number (817)-882-0800.

EECU Epilogue

Educational Employees Credit Union is now covering all banking service areas. Now, during your busy schedule, all you need is 2 minutes to process loan repayments, and bill payments online.  Connect with your EECU home branch for acquiring routing numbers for personal verification. You can also consult the utilization of routing numbers and how to make online money transactions. 

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