DFCU Routing Number Sets Online Banking Protection At Priority

DFCU Routing number is a nine-digit code. This code creates a digital protective-shield. It protects every money transfer that is made via online money transfer Apps and other digital sources. Dearborn Federal Credit Union is shortly known as DFCU financial. Hence, it is the second-largest credit union in Michigan with a record of over 2 lac members.

About DFCU Financial Credit Union

Establishment and Merges

To begin with, this credit union was formerly known as the Ford Engineering Employees Credit union. But, after its foundation in 1950, four years later, it was renamed Ford Dearborn Federal Credit Union.

Consequently, it opened its banking and financial services all over Michigan. For the most part, recently in 2003, DFCU declared its brand as DFCU Financial. Furthermore, it has been a decade and a year, since this respective credit union has merged with CapCom Credit Union. This merge objected to expand its services to the municipal employees.

Apart from this, in the past few years, DFCU has also gained some power by generating a partnership with MidWest Financial Credit Union.

Since the DFCU Routing number is performing well for the Michigan members. In 2005, the institution also requested an opportunity to set up a mutual savings bank.

Subsequently, this would have helped the organization to grow as per the geographic areas of services. Yet, the NCUA did not play along. Finally, in 2008, DFCU expanded via converting into a mutual savings bank itself. Today, it is operating well in the financial favor of its account holders.

What are the services offered at DFCU Financial?

DFCU Financial is a technically-advanced banking and financial institution. For the most part, it offers the comfort of opening a savings account online. Furthermore, you can apply for mortgages and other forms of loans online.

Above all, it also delivers various benefits of online money transfer such as cash backs to its members.

Check out the list of services below:

Savings Account

Checking Account

Money Market Accounts

Home Equity loans

Home Equity LOC

Auto loans Boat & RV Loans

Debit and Credit Cards

Online banking

Order checks online

Business Account Switch Kit

What is the DFCU Routing Number? As mentioned before, routing number DFCU is a nine-digit code. For every location, this code can be different. Recent statistics mention that DFCU operates 67 branches in the Michigan area under Jim Cowper, the chairman of the board. Thus, for all the branches of DFCU, the valid DFCU routing number is 072486791.

List of Routing Number DFCU 

Check out the name and routing number for all the DFCU Branches. In the meantime, you will find the DFCU branch near me and its routing number in the following list:

6th Street Branch 072486791

Abim Branch 072486791

Bugolobi Branch 072486791

Bwaise Branch 072486791

Entebbe Road Branch 072486791

Impala Branch 072486791

Jinja Road Branch 072486791

Abayita Ababiri Branch 072486791

Kampala Road Branch (Sun City) 072486791

Kampala Road, Crane Chambers 072486791

Kyadondo Road Branch 072486791

Kyambogo University 072486791

Kyambogo 072486791

Lugogo Branch 072486791

Makerere Branch 072486791

Market Street Branch 072486791

Naalya Branch 072486791

Nakivubo Branch (Gagawala Shauliyako) 072486791

Acacia Branch 072486791

Agago Branch 072486791

Kawempe Branch 072486791

Kikuubo Branch 072486791

Kireka Branch 072486791

Kisekka Branch 072486791

Arua Branch 072486791

Busia Branch 072486791

Dokolo Branch 072486791

Entebbe Town Branch 072486791

Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU) Branch Extension 072486791

Kitgum Branch 072486791

Kyengera Branch 072486791

Luwero Branch 072486791

Luwum Street 072486791

Gulu Branch 072486791

Gulu University Branch Extension 072486791

Hoima Branch 072486791

Ibanda Branch 072486791

Iganga Branch 072486791

Ishaka Branch 072486791

Isingiro Branch 072486791

Lyantonde Branch 072486791

Masaka Branch 072486791

Mbale Branch 072486791

Mbarara Branch 072486791

Jinja Branch 072486791

Kabale Branch 072486791

Kisoro Branch 072486791

Mukono Branch 072486791

Nateete Branch 072486791

Ndeeba Branch 072486791

Nsambya Branch 072486791

Pader Branch 072486791

Pallisa Branch 072486791

Rushere Branch 072486791

Soroti Branch 072486791

Tororo Branch 072486791

Ntinda Branch 072486791

Ntinda Trading Centre 072486791

Ntungamo Branch 072486791

Owino 072486791

William Street Branch 072486791

Wilson Lane Branch 072486791

But, if you are looking for DFCU routing number UTAH. Or, routing number for Deseret First Credit Union Bank in Utah. Your routing number is 324078909.

How do I find my routing number DFCU?

Finding your routing number for a DFCU Bank account transaction is very easy. To do so, all you need is either a checkbook or login to your DFCU Online banking portal.

Method 1: Take your checkbook associated with your DFCU Bank savings account. In the meantime, in this check, find a series of 3 codes at the bottom. In the middle, you will find your account number imprinted. At the left, your routing number DFCU Financial will be imprinted. Note down or recognize this routing transit code for all types of online money transactions.

Method 2:  For the most part, if you are an active member of DFCU Financial Net banking, you will find your DFCU Routing code quickly. Login to your DFCU Bank accounts online. Visit this DFCU Financial official portal.

Enter your member number and password. Furthermore, go to the account information. You can view your DFCU Routing number 072486791 on your screen.

Method 3: To find your DFCU Routing number. This is an effective and swift solution. Go to the DFCU Financial web portal

Now, observe the top-most menu bar. You will find the routing code written first in the line.  Don’t know your DFCU Member number? Let’s review some options:

What is my DFCU Member Number?

To begin with, to find your DFCU Member number, you will need to connect with the DFCU Financial bank branch near me. This member number is significant to enter for personal online banking.

Hence, you can also dial toll-free 888.336.2700 to confirm or recover your member number. For this, you will need your PIN (personal identification number). Also, you will also need your 4-digit Social Security number for further help from the DFCU Financial customer service agent.


To summarize, in this reading, we have informed you on the various trending subjects about DFCU Financial. Furthermore, its expanded services. Are you ready to enjoy the perks of security and anywhere banking that comes with DFCU? Therefore, visit the official portal online and become a member today. Hence, DFCU Financial protects you at priority.

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