Chemical Bank Routing Number for all Chemical Bank Locations

Chemical Bank Routing Number: ABA or American Bankers Association has brought benefits to the U.S.A.

To begin with, it is a system that builds customers’ trust in online banking communities. By definition, Chemical Bank is a banking and financial institute founded in the 1800s. It holds the place of confidence for its 1.2 billion household account holders. 

Hence, with a duty to earn, billions of people in the U.S. also receive a duty to secure their money in banks. Since Chemical Bank Routing Number guarantees 100% protection for all clientele of the Chemical Bank. It is a Bank Holding Company with the main headquarters situated in New York.

For the most part, the major purpose of Chemical Bank Routing Number is protection against identity theft. However, it is a possibility when it comes to online banking. Hence, while making an online money transfer. The web portals and mobile applications demand to enter a nine-digit chemical bank routing code for safeguarded money transfer

What is the Routing Number for Chemical Bank?

Routing Number for Chemical Bank is a nine-digit code allocated by the ABA in order to conclude any bank transaction via a chemical bank savings account.  

  • Chemical Bank routing number Michigan is 072410013. 
  • Chemical Bank RTN Routing transit code Ohio is 542649.

To begin with, there are a total of 211 branches of Chemical Bank in Michigan. Furthermore, there are a total of 27 branches in Ohio. to find a Chemical bank branch near me, follow the given portal link

When do I use the Chemical Bank Routing Number?

Chemical Bank Routing Number Michigan or Ohio are used while making money transfer via mobile application. To do so, Chemical Bank allows its customers to use Mastercards, Zelle and pay back your bestie mobile Apps. 

You must use a nine-digit routing number for making online money transfers through your chemical bank savings account. Follow the given instructions to make an online money transfer via your chemical bank account.

  1. Download and Install the Money transfer app best-suited for your Smartphone. 
  2. To make money transfer, you can choose among different payment methods.
  3. Methods available are MasterCard Debit Card and Net Banking.
  4. Further, select the payment method.
  5. Enter the required information.
  6. Consequently, confirm the payment.

Note: For instance, to make payment using MasterCard Debit Card, you will need card name, card number, expiry, and CVC code. On the other hand, for net banking, you will need an account number, account number, bank name, branch name, SWIFT Code (for the international transaction), and chemical bank routing number. 

Above all, you will also need the receiver of funds’ phone number or email address for additional security purposes.

What is the Chemical bank routing number useful for?

The nine-digit code is useful in the following banking matters:

  1. Online direct deposits.
  2. Further, it helps in Enabling automatic bill payments such as EMIs.
  3. Process FEDach transfer.
  4. In addition to, it helps to process Fedwire transfer.
  5. Verification of Check via verifying its chemical bank branch.
  6. Furthermore, it helps to process and verify international money transfers.
  7. View bank account’s transaction history online.
  8. Avoid interruption by the third party

How to find the Chemical Bank Routing Number?

Generally, it is very easy to locate your routing transit code. In brief, you can locate the Chemical Bank RTN on the check. To do so, take a check and observe the bottom series of codes.

Further, on the left, a nine-digit code is imprinted. It is your routing number for Chemical bank. You can also further locate your chemical bank account number in the middle of the imprinted series of codes. Above all, at the very right, 4-digit code is your check number.

Hence, to find out your chemical bank routing number branch-wise, check out the following table:

Lexington:                                                                                                     072410013

Lake view:                                                                                                     072410013

Lake City:                                                                                                      072410013

Kentwood:                                                                                                     072410013

Ludington:                                                                                                     072410013

Marine city:                                                                                                    072410013

Marshall:                                                                                                        072410013

Midland:                                                                                                         072410013

Petosky:                                                                                                           072410013

Portage:                                                                                                           072410013

Reed city:                                                                                                         072410013

Roscommon:                                                                                                   072410013

Sandusky:                                                                                                         072410013

St. Louis:                                                                                                           072410013

St. Joseph:                                                                                                        072410013

Traverse City:                                                                                                   072410013

Zeeland:                                                                                                             072410013

West branch:                                                                                                     072410013

Wayland:                                                                                                            072410013

Suttons Bay:                                                                                                       072410013

Stanton:                                                                                                              072410013

Port Huron:                                                                                                        072410013

Niles:                                                                                                                   072410013

Oscoda:                                                                                                               072410013

Middleville:                                                                                                        072410013

Kingsley:                                                                                                             072410013

Jamestown:                                                                                                       072410013

Holland:                                                                                                             072410013

Greenville:                                                                                                         072410013

Grayling:                                                                                                           072410013

Grand Haven:                                                                                                  072410013

Fennville:                                                                                                         072410013

Austintown (Ohio):                                                                                       072410013

Cortland:                                                                                                         072410013

Cleaveland:                                                                                                     072410013

Dayton:                                                                                                           072410013

Poland:                                                                                                           072410013

Solon:                                                                                                             072410013

Warren:                                                                                                         072410013

Youngstown:                                                                                                 072410013

Ravenna:                                                                                                       072410013

Grafton:                                                                                                        072410013

Boardman:                                                                                                   072410013

Canfield:                                                                                                       072410013

Cincinnati:                                                                                                   072410013

Establishment of Chemical Bank

To summarize, Chemical Bank is a bank holding company under the Chemical Bank Corporation. It was established earlier in 1824. Furthermore, it became the third-ranking largest bank in the United States. In the first place, the bank was holding a record of assets worth $182.9 billion along with 39, 000 employees all over Michigan and Ohio. 

Later in the 1900s, the respective banking institution particularly acquired the following banks and expanded its area of operations:

Why choose Chemical Bank?

To begin with, Chemical Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in the United States. Therefore, it is offering multiple banking services for various categories of customers including businessmen, students, employees, retirees, accountants, and so on. Hence, Chemical Bank a.k.a Chemical Banking Corporation caters its customers with a few additional benefits such as:

  1. Easy loan repayment options.
  2. No hidden charges
  3. Low-interest rates
  4. High-end retirement plans
  5. Zero account maintenance conditions

For the most part, Chemical Bank offers the following services to its account holders and potential customers:

Personal Banking services such as:

    • Checking Accounts
    • Savings Accounts
    • ATM, Debit, and Credit Cards
    • Consumer loans
    • Mortgages
    • Voice banking
    • Net banking
    • Mobile banking
    • Money transfer Apps

Business Banking services such as:

    • Checking Accounts
    • Savings Accounts
    • Business Lending such as SBA, LOC, Equipment Loans, and Commercial Real Estate
    • Treasury management
    • Municipal banking
    • Specialty financing

Wealth Management services such as:

    • Investment
    • Retirement planning
    • Private banking
    • Exchange services
    • Financial advisory

To Sum Up…

Chemical Bank routing code is 072410013. Subsequently, it is the root of any online money transfer. In addition to find your routing number for Chemical Bank offline, dial 800-867-9757 toll-free. In conclusion to this, for further assistance, you can also connect with us online. Above all, we help you keep your money safe and secure. 

“In conclusion, Recognize your routing number wherever you go!”

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