BMO Harris Routing Number For Round-O-Clock Cyber Safety

BMO Harris routing number has been declared as the round-o-clock cyber safety factor for net banking. For the past few centuries before the 1900s, cyber crimes have been a potential threat to online customers/users around the globe.

Especially in the United States, when the technology was on the verge of winning in the banking and finance industry, one of the major concerns was this. Why? Well! One of the main reasons was basic hackers with an operational quality advantage over basic level information. In this case, bank accounts linked with net banking services were easy targets. 

However, ABA, .e.., the American Bankers Association changed this threatening phase by instituting the RTN. RTN stands for Routing Transit number.

Every banking and financial institution in the U.S. holds one or more than one routing code in order to protect its customers from cyber theft. 

BMO Harris Bank also holds transit code for the given reasons. Thus, if you are a customer at BMO Harris Bank, you will need the BMO Harris Bank routing number for processing any online monetary transaction via your savings or checkings account.

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These transactions include direct deposits, automated bill payments, utility payments, Fedwire transfer, and FEDAch Transfers. 

To begin with, let’s introduce you to BMO Harris. 

What is BMO Harris?

BMO Harris Bank is a subsidiary banking organization in the U.S. It is mainly based on Chicago in Illinois. It was introduced in 1882 by Norman Wait Harris. It offers its services in various locations including Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Kansas.

This banking institution is also associated with the Federal Reserve System. Today, it holds over 600 branches in the given location. Alongside this, it also offers cash withdrawal and other services. For this, the bank holds over 1300 ATM machines across the nation.

Check out the list of services offered at BMO Harris Bank:

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Money Market
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Investment
  • Credit Card
  • Mortgages
  • Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Premier banking services
  • Business Banking
  • Capital Market
  • Wealth Management

BMO Harris is a prominent and 16th ranking commercial bank. To procure the benefits of any of the above services, you can visit the nearest bank’s branch or BMO Harris Bank official website portal

What is BMO Harris Bank Routing Number?

It is noteworthy to mention that BMO Harris Bank holds a single routing number for personal banking transactions in association with all branches around Illinois. For instance, BMO Harris Bank Routing Number IL (Illinois) is 071025661. Similarly, BMO Harris Bank Routing Number WI (Wisconsin) is also 071025661. 

What are the benefits of routing numbers for BMO Harris Bank?

  1. By utilizing BMO Harris Routing number Wisconsin and others remain helpful for the bank authorities to e-record every bank transaction including their insightful details such as locations of both parties’ bank account at the time of transaction.
  2. BMO Harris routing number has also been declared as a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need to record every transaction deliberately on paper. Thus, eliminates the countable cost of paperwork.
  3. The routing number for BMO Harris Bank also offers customers to look out for automated bill payment details. In the absence of routing numbers, automated bill payments do not get recorded as they auto-debit. 
  4. BMO Harris routing number also promotes the idea of preventing nature by going electronic on transactions-related databases. In the presence of e-records using transit code, there’s no need for paperwork formality. Thus, eliminate the need for deforestation.
  5. With the help of the BMO Harris routing number, it has become possible for the BMO customers to attain the benefits of online/net banking. That too, without major risk of cybercrime.

General FAQs

  • How much does it cost to open a BMO Harris Account?

BMO Harris Bank initiates to open a minimum balance/no balance bank account with a payable fee of $25. These $25 directly deposited into the bank holders’ account as soon as the account is opened and activated. 

  • Where can I find my routing number BMO?

To locate your routing number BMO, follow the instructions given below

  1. Take a check associated with your activated BMO Harris bank account.
  2. Observe any check. 
  3. Look at the bottom where three different codes are imprinted.
  4. At the right, 4-digit code is your check number.
  5. In the middle, an 8 to 12-digit bank account number is given.
  6. On the left, the 9-digit code is given. It is your BMO routing number. 

Note: The routing number is not preliminary confidential. Thus, customers are recommended to not provide other information related to BMO Harris bank accounts such as account number, registered mobile number, or e-wallet pin code.

  • Can I deposit cash at a BMO Harris ATM?

To this, the valid response is NO. A customer cannot deposit cash at a BMO Harris ATM anywhere in the United States. These ATMs only offer cash withdrawing opportunities to the account holders at BMO Harris.  

In spite of this, a customer can submit a cheque costing above $100 at BMO ATMs. in this case, as well, only $100 maximum is withdrawable at the time of deposit. 

  • How much cash can you take out of a BMO ATM?

BMO limits its ATM cash withdrawal service to a maximum of $500 per day. Earlier, this limit was $1000. Thus, if you are trying to withdraw $1000 out of a BMO ATM and thinking something is wrong with the machine. It’s not!

  • Does BMO Harris charge ATM fees?

Yes! However, it mainly depends on what ATM you are using. If you are withdrawing cash using a BMO assigned ATM Card at BMO Harris ATM, you will not be charged.

On the other hand, if you are using a BMO assigned ATM card at any other ATM premises (like PFFCU), you will be charged $2.50 per withdrawal.


BMO Harris Bank holds the potential to up rank in the banking and financial industry by extending its service boundaries in the future. To the reader’s surprise, this bank is now also serving in Texas.

It is a very flexible and convenient banking system holding an organization that is open to improve its permanent members in 2020.

“We wish you secure Net banking with BMO!”