How to find my BBT Routing Number?

BBT Routing Number is a nine-digit code applicable to proceed for online banking transactions via Truist Financial Corporation. To begin with, the American Bankers Association has assigned BB&T routing numbers for every branch of Truist financial corp. in order to enhance the security level of transactions that do not involve any face-to-face communication between the BB&T customers and banking authorities of Truist Financial Corp. 

If you cannot locate your BBT Bank routing code, you have come to the right platform. In this reading, you can find out what is the routing number for BBT? Furthermore, our platform remains knowledgeable in the context of how to locate BBT Florida routing numbers offline? And above all, the history of Truist Financial Corp to check whether or not it matches your requirement as a potential member of the bank. 

Thus, by not causing you to wait anymore. Let’s get started.

What is the BBT routing number?

As mentioned before, the BBT Routing number also known as Truist Bank or Financial Corporation Routing Transit Number is a nine-digit code. Check out the following list of BBT routing number location-wise. In this list, you can locate the routing code valid in your city. 

Alabama                                               0622-0398-4

West Virginia                                      0515-0339-4

Florida                                                  2631-9138-7

Virginia                                                0514-0426-0

District of Columbia                         0540-0154-7

Texas                                                    1110-1769-4

Georgia                                                0611-1341-5

Tennessee                                           0642-0816-5

Indiana                                               0839-7428-9

South Carolina                                  0532-0160-7

Kentucky                                            0839-0068-0

Pennsylvania                                     0313-0912-3

Maryland                                            0550-0330-8

Ohio                                                    0421-0226-7

North Carolina                                 0531-0112-1

New Jersey                                       0312-0471-0

Note: BBT routing number for your bank account will be based on the city-location of your branch and not your actual location at the moment.

For example, if you are in Florida whereas your BBT Branch associated with your bank account is in Indiana, thus, you must enter BBT routing number Indiana to proceed for a successful online transaction. Furthermore, doing otherwise can lead to uncertainty of information.

How to locate my BBT routing number Florida offline?

You can find your BBT routing number offline by using a check associated with your BBT Bank account. Check out the following step guide to locate the required nine-digit code.

  1. Take a check.
  2. Observe the bottom line of 3 different codes imprinted.
  3. Further, At the very left, you can view the nine-digit code.
  4. This is your BBT Bank routing number.

Above all, it is recommendable to write it down in your mobile notes or banking schedule for the comfort of next time you proceed online banking. 

Note: Hence, at the bottom series of imprinted code, you can locate your BB&T account number in the middle. Furthermore, on the right side, 4-digit code is your check number. It changes with every check-in in the checkbook.

How to locate my BBT Routing Number Online?

To find your BBT routing number online, you will need to register for online banking at BB&T nearest branch. Check out the following step guide to locate your BBT routing number online:

  1. To begin with, Go to. It is BB & T’s official web portal.
  2. Further, Click on the “Login” option.
  3. Enter the User ID and Password. (Save password for ease in the future).
  4. Further, go to Account Information.
  5. As a result, find the BBT routing number in the given information on the screen.

Note: BBT Bank offers Quickens and QuickBooks online banking software. To view your bank account’s financial statement for business purposes, sign up for financial software with BBT Corporation’s nearest branch.

How to connect with BB&T offline?

In the meantime, to connect with BB&T corporation offline, visit to find the nearest BB&T branch in your area. Apart from this, you can also dial 800-226-5228 for account-related inquiries. Furthermore, dial 888-228-6654 for online banking support. 

About BB&T or Truist Financial Corporation

Truist Financial Corporation is shortly known as BB&T. It is a bank holding company in the U.S.A with main headquarters in Charlotte of North Carolina. A lot of customers question why it is known as BB&T? Well! To begin with, this new name of BB&T is an outcome of the merger of Truist financial with Suntrust bank which further transforms the complete Corporation into Branch Banking and Trust Company. 

In the meantime, if you are a former customer of SunTrust bank, click here to check SunTrust bank routing number for your bank account support in the context of net banking and online check deposits. 

Foundation of BB&T or Truist Financial Corporation

To begin with, Truist Financial Bank was introduced in 1872. Above all, in the past 150 years, Truist Bank has become one of the largest banking institutions in the United States with a record of 37, 000 employees and $3.1 net income in 2018.

For the most part, in the journey of success, BB&T has acquired over 25 companies in the United States including SunTrust, and further expanded its services to larger states in the U.S. 

Since then, this banking corporation is growing faster towards the modern age and offering all-rounding banking and financial services. Thus, let’s check them out:

Personal Banking

  • Personal banking
  • Online Banking
  • Personal lending
  • Investment
  • Retirement
  • Insurance

Financial Softwares

  • Small Business Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Small Business loans
  • Credit Card solutions
  • Merchant and Association Services
  • Payroll
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Employee benefits
  • Business insurance
  • Business Learning

Commercial Banking

  • Commercial Solutions
  • Corporate and institutional Solutions
  • Intellectual Capital

Wealth Management

  • Personal wealth management
  • Business wealth management
  • Wealth transfer
  • Retirement planning
  • Risk Management
  • Trust and Estate planning
  • Wealth Management learning

Above all, since the 1990s, BB&T has also expanded its branches nationwide via purchasing shares of top banking and financial institutions in the world.

If you want to become a member of BB&T. So, visit its official web portal online and utilize your financial treats in a better way with its world-class wealth management services.


In the conclusion of this reading, we have informed our readers regarding the BB&T Truist Corporation which is one of the most trusted banking institutions in the United States.

Furthermore, in conclusion, you can locate the BBT routing number as per your branch’s location. For further information, you can connect with us in the comment section and let us know about any queries that you have.