US Bank Routing Numbers are called the American Bankers Association Routing Transit Number aka ABA RTN. As per the studies, there is a total of 6,799 US Bank locations recorded in the United States of America. It is a common aspect to consider that there are more than seven thousand of Routing numbers associated with US Banks to secure the banking transactions within the boundaries of USA location-wise.

To find your routing number, checkout the Routing number chart below:

Eastman Credit Union Kingsport, Tennessee
Synchrony Bank Stamford, Connecticut
First Interstate Bank Billings, Montana, United States
Webster Bank Waterbury, Connecticut
BOK Financial Corporation Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Iberia Bank Routing Number Lafayette, Louisiana
City National Bank Los Angeles, California, United States
Central Pacific Bank Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Camden National Bank ROCKPORT, Maine
Centennial Bank Routing Number Conway, Arkansas, United States
Golden 1 Credit Union Sacramento, CA
Huntington Bancshares Columbus, OH
Zions Bank Salt Lake City, UT
Bank of America Charlotte, NC
VyStar Jacksonville, FL
Citizens Financial Group Providence, RI
NCSECU Raleigh, NC
Mountain America Credit Union Sandy, UT
University Federal Credit Union Austin, TX
TCF Bank Minneapolis, MN
Citizens Equity First Credit Union Peoria, Illinois
KeyBank Cleveland, OH
Digital Federal Credit Union Marlborough, MA
Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union Live Oak, TX
PNC Financial Services Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
TIAA Bank Jacksonville, FL
The Bank of New York Mellon New York, NY
Suntrust Bank Atlanta, GA
America First Credit Union Riverdale, Utah
Navy Federal Vienna, VA
BECU Credit Union South Carolina, Washington
USAA Bank San Antonio, TX
Chase Bank Manhattan, New York City
TD Bank Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Charles Schwab Corporation San Francisco, California
Capital One McLean, Virginia
Wells Fargo San Francisco, California
HSBC Bank USA New York City
Bank of America Charlotte, North Carolina
MSUFCU Routing Number East Lansing, Michigan, United States
Morgan Stanley Midtown Manhattan, New York City
Goldman Sachs Bank New York City
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Alaska


Why Should You Know Your ABA Routing Number?

Do you know what an ABA RTN is? If you are living in the USA, you must be associated with a specific financial institution to precede day-to-day money transactions. Hence, you have an ABA number that ensures to record the location from and to where the transaction has been made.

Bank Routing Number

If you are wondering, what routing number does US Bank near me has? Well! You can check in the below list. ABA routing number is also easier to find on your checkbook. How to find routing number associated with a financial institution near you? Check out the list below or, simply take out your checkbook and look at the bottom left of any check. Also, you can call USA bank near me to confirm your routing number on check.

What is Bank ABA RTN? A nine-digit code that you find on the bottom left of the check is your routing number.

Why do Banks in the USA have Routing numbers?

US Bank online banking sites also hold on to the details like regions bank routing number. You can find your routing number on the US bank online site. To do so, check the account details.

There is a total of 34 unique routing numbers in the USA as per the states. The states that are not appointed with any unique routing number uses 091000022 as the routing number for recording transactions location-wise. The real-time regions bank routing number in the USA is a world-class example of banking safety and cybersecurity.

With the utilization of US bank routing number, the location of even the international fund receivers and senders’ location is traceable. In the language of global transactions, ABA RTN also called SWIFT by which international wire transfers come into the knowledge of the bankers.

For the assistance of our valuable readers, we are presenting USA states along with their region’s bank routing number. You may put your routing number in records to ensure online banking safety.

With the help of the following bank ABA number list, you can trace the routing number of US bank near me and coach upon the locations of every transaction that has been recorded in your bank account activities.

What is the unique representation of ABA Routing Transit Number?

There are a total of nine digits in any routing number. For the reader’s information, the first four digits of any USA state’s ABA routing number depict the Routing symbol of the Federal Reserve.

Another or next four digits are unique and based on the ABA institution identifier. It is noteworthy to mention that the USA’s RTN identified is the American Bankers Association. Hence, ABA allots the unique RTN to the institutions by states in the USA. Last but not least, the last digit is called the check digit which differentiates between the accounts of users.