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The banking and financing industry in the United States has always remained updated in order to provide its citizens with the convenience of money management. However, banking frauds in various states of the USA were beyond the control of the government before the introduction Routing Transit Number or RTN. Are you the account holder at the Bank of Hawaii? Yes! The US government also has improved security for you. There is a list of questions for which you will find answers by the end of this blog.

  • What is the Bank of Hawaii?
  • What is Routing Transit Number ABA?
  • What is ABA?
  • What is the routing number for the Bank of Hawaii? 

Introduction to the Bank of Hawaii

The Bank of Hawaii Corporation, a.k.a BOH is one of the largest commercial banks in the state of Hawaii in Honolulu. As per the legendary financing records of the USA, this banking institution of Hawaii is counted among the topmost functioning banks in the respective country.

Originally, this financial institution was founded in 1893 by Charles Montague Cooke along with two other business partners. Without a doubt, at that time, the corporation gained popularity for its banking segmentations. That’s right, the institution corporates among four segmentations including retail, commercial, investment services, and treasury. 

To the readers’ surprise, the respective finance corporation in 2016 has achieved the goal of 655.243 million US dollars. Indeed, counting all the branches in, the institution holds 2, 122 employees till today. Well! Now, let’s come to the major concern of this blog. That is Bank of Hawaii Routing number.

This subject raises many questions such as what is the Routing number? What is ABA? What is the first Hawaiian bank routing number? Take a glimpse to get your respective queries resolved:

What is Routing Transit Number?

Routing Transit Number is also known as RTN. it is a nine-digit banking code that allows every branch of any banking institution, credit union or corporation to track the entire transaction location-wise.

At first, the citizen and account holders within the boundaries of the USA did not understand the benefits of this nine-digit code. Later on, the users caught-up. That’s right! In the USA, routing code has managed to eliminate the risks of various cybercrimes in the country. From online wire transactions to online bill payment, everything is secured by the transit code. 

What is ABA?

ABA stands for American Bankers Association. This association was found in 1875 in Washington D.C. The transit numbers are also known as the ABA Routing Transit number. It is because the concept of routing number was originally introduced by the ABA for the improvement of online banking transactions.

It is noteworthy to mention that all the routing numbers for banking institutions are allotted by the American Bankers Association for recording each and every transaction within the boundaries of the USA as per the location of the sender and the receiver of the funds. 

ABA mainly introduced the concept of RTN for the protection of direct deposits and wire transfers. Today, the nine-digit code also locates the locations during bill payments, FED transfers and more. 

What is my Bank of Hawaii Routing number?

The routing number for Bank of Hawaii is 121301028 for Honolulu city in Hawaii. For our readers’ information, BOH holds only four routing numbers for all of its corporation branches in the USA. Observe the given list to find out the routing number relevant to your branch of BOH.

  • Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu: The RTN is 121301028. This routing number only available for Fedwire and FED Ach transactions.
  • Bank of Hawaii Trust, Honolulu: The transit code is 121302292. This routing number is only relevant for recording transaction information related to FED Ach transactions and not, Fedwire transactions. 
  • Bank of Hawaii American Samoa: The transit code is 121404006. This routing number is only relevant for recording transaction information related to FED Ach transactions and not, Fedwire transactions. 
  • Bank of Hawaii Guam: The transit code is 121405018. This routing number is only relevant for recording transaction information related to FED Ach transactions and not, Fedwire transactions. 

Note: American Bankers Association does not compulsorily allot individual banking routing number to each and every branch of a Banking institution of American. It is possible that a single credit union holds one transit code for every branch and vice versa.

How to find my Bank of Hawaii Routing number?

To locate your Bank of Hawaii Routing number, follow the given steps:

  • Take a cheque or checkbook allotted to you.
  • At the top and bottom of your cheque, you will find the same 4-digit code, it is your check number.
  • At the bottom, you will find three different codes, the middle one is your account number.
  • At the bottom, the nine-digit code at the very left is your routing transit number.
  • You have successfully located your BOH routing number.

To locate your Bank of Hawaii routing number online, follow the given steps:

  • Go to the online website of your bank
  • Login to your personal bank account
  • Go to profile option
  • Click on account information option
  • You will find the routing number in one of the columns.

You can also get your routing transit number by dialing the customer care service number of Bank of Hawaii. What is Bank of Hawaii’s customer service number? It is 1-888-643-3888 for US Mainland and Canada users. 

What are the benefits of the BOH Routing number?

  • Safer and secure online money transfer.
  • Easy to track transaction details.
  • Protection against cybercrimes.
  • Locate sender’s and receiver’s of funds location during the transaction.
  • Informs when out-of-the-country transactions are made.
  • Track information on automated bills.
  • Make direct deposits to your bank account


Routing Transit Numbers are important for the processing of any online banking transactions. For instance, if you are making a wire transfer, you will be asked for RTN nine-digit code along with the receiver’s and sender’s account number. This strategy allows banking institutions and corporations to handle cyber crimes with a better grip.