Zions Bank founded in Salt Lake City in 1873 is one of the oldest financial institutions that is located in the Intermountain West. It offers a wide range of traditional and innovative technology services to individuals, small-to-middle-market businesses, non-profits, corporations, and institutions. The bank has around 122 financial centers across Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming that are identified by the unique Zions Bank Routing number.

The bank remains committed to economic development in the communities and thus is the leading bank in the US. Among many services, the bank offers commercial loans, international banking services, and Treasury Management solutions.

To find the routing number for the same read the complete information below.

Routing Number Zions Bank

The Zions bank routing number is 124000054.

Zions Bank Routing Number

The routing number is useful to initiate the wire transfer at any time from anywhere. Also, the number is helpful in scheduling and knowing the status of the wire transfer conveniently.

A routing number is a nine-digit code that is assigned by the American Bankers Association that helps the users to identify the bank in the USA.

So if you are a member of the Zions bank then you need to know the routing number of the bank. Apart from making a convenient transaction, it is also used to identify the financial institution from which the transaction is being processed.

Use of the Routing Number

A routing number is useful for multiple situations like:

  • For making a direct deposit
  • Automatic loan payments
  • Recurring payments like bill payments
  • Filing tax to receive the tax refund
  • For ACH transfer
  • For Wire Transfer

Zions Bank Routing Number Utah

Find the routing number for Zions bank in the table below:

Routing Number Location
123006965 Portland,OR
124000054 West Valley City, UT
124101128 West Valley City, UT
125008013 Seattle, WA
124301054 Draper, UT
1243018501 West Valley City, UT
125108489 Seattle, WA


How to Receive the Wire Transfer with the Routing Number?

Wire transfer is the type transfer that is considered as the fastest mode for sending and receiving money to and from your Zions bank. One can easily receive money from any other bank in the USA or the other countries using the SWIFT code.

The routing number is highly helpful in receiving a domestic and international wire transfer. 

Domestic Wire Transfer

Domestic wire transfer is operative either through the Fedwire System or via Clearing House Interbank Payment Systems (CHIPS). Wire transfer is the real-time transfer that transfers the money on the same day while on the other hand ACH transfer takes time. But a faster process usually costlier than the ACH transfers.

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Along with the routing number the bank also has another code called SWIFT code that is essential for processing the international wire transfer. A SWIFT code has 8 to 11 characters and has the following meaning:

  • The first four codes are alphabets that depict the bank code.
  • The other two letters represent the country
  • The other two digits or alphabets represent the head office of the bank.
  • The last three alphabets or digits are optional and specify the bank branch instead of the head office.

The basic information for the Zions bank international transfer is:

  • Your Name
  • Account Numer
  • Zions Bank Routing Number Utah: 124000054
  • Zions Bank Swift Code: ZFNBUS55
  • Zions Bank Routing Number: 888-307-3411

Wire Transfer Fees for Zions Bank

The fees for making international and domestic wire transfer are mentioned below:

International Incoming  $18 for each transaction 
Outgoing $41 for each transaction
Domestic Incoming $15 for each transaction
Outgoing $25 for each transaction


Along with the fees, there is an additional fee that includes currency conversion.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Number

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is meant for making the electronic payment delivery system that allows the user to make the payment or getting funds electronically. Direct deposits and check conversion from paper to electronic are the major functions of the ACH transfer.

This type of transfer is useful for making high-volume, low-value payment and also charge low fees for making the transfer of the low-value payments.

Where Can You Find the Zions Bank Routing Number?

One can find their Zions bank routing number easily on the checkbooks. 

Various sources to find the routing number is:

  • Paper Checks: Every check of the bank in the USA has a routing number printed on it. The first set of nine-digit code on the bottom left corner of the check is your bank routing number. 
  • Online Banking: If you have access to online banking then you can find the routing number by logging in to your account. 
  • On this website: Keep visiting this website to check and confirm the routing number of your bank before processing any transaction. 

Bottom Line

The routing number is used as addresses that help you in identifying your bank details. Make sure you enter the right routing number as using the wrong number can result in the loss of funds and other consequences.

If your bank has the multiple routing numbers, then it is essential to use the routing number that is specific to your account. Some banks use different routing number for the wire transfer and ACH transfer. It is therefore very important to talk to the bank representative before making use of any service.