VyStar Credit Union with its headquarter in Jacksonville, Florida is known for offering auto, business, and mortgage loans along with other services like certification of deposits, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, saving account, etc. To make the best use of the services find the VyStar Routing Number in the information below.

Tips For Finding The VyStar Routing Number

The routing number VyStar 263079276 and the account number are printed on the MICR line at the bottom of the VyStar Check. 

Apart from the check one can easily found the bank details like the account number and routing number by logging in into their internet banking account. 

In case, you face any confusion or trouble in finding the routing number for your VyStar Credit Union then you can make your search easy either by visiting our website or by contacting the customer care executive of the VyStar. 

VyStar Credit Union was founded in 1952 as the Jax Navy Federal Credit Union and serves members across 22 countries in the Central Florida. 

If you are regularly using the services of the VyStar then you can easily check the VyStar Credit Union Routing Number at the bottom of the check.

Here is the complete detail of the routing number. Read the information below to know more about the routing number. 

Routing Number VyStar

VyStar Routing Number

On receiving the check or the request to process the transfer of money, the financial institution needs to check the account from which the fund is coming and the route of transaction. To identity it, the financial institution needs a routing number. 

Some banks have a single routing number like VyStar have one active routing number. While the one with a good national scope have dozens or more routing number. 

VyStar Routing Number Florida is 263079276

Meaning of Bank Routing Number 

The nine digits used to create the routing number has some specific meaning and significance. The nine-digit code is actually divided into three different segments:

  • First Segment, the first four digits of the code: It indicates the district of the Federal Reserve Bank in which the bank is located.
  • Second Segment, the next four digits: It is used to indicate the bank itself.
  • Third Segment, the last digit of the code: It is used to verify the authenticity of the check. 

International Money Transfer

One can now make an international fund transfer easily, but for making a secure transfer, it is essential to know the routing number of the bank in which the fund need to be transferred and the SWIFT code.

This code is highly useful for making an international wire transfer. Wire transfer of money is the fastest mode of receiving fund in your VyStar account. 

For sending money in the account, the sender initiates the payment through its financial institution by entering the essential bank details like:

  • Bank Name
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • SWIFT Code of the Intermediary Bank

Processing International Wire Transfer to VyStar Credit Union

Wire transfer the fastest way of receiving money from foreign countries. The banks make use of the SWIFT system for making transactions and transfer of money across the international banks. Major Banks in the USA and other countries utilizes these services but when it comes to the smaller banks and the Credit Union they do not have any SWIFT code and thus make use of the correspondent banks or intermediary banks for making the wire transfer. 

Beneficiary Information
Full Name of the Recipient  The name as appeared in your account details
Account Number of Recipient VyStar Bank account number
Address Details Complete Address including city, state and country


Beneficiary Bank
Bank Name The name as appeared in your account details
Routing Number VyStar Bank account number
Address Complete Address including city, state and country
Phone 800-445-6289
Intermediary Bank Information
Bank Name Correspondant or Intermediary Bank
SWIFT Code SWIFT Code of Corresponding or Intermediary Bank
Address Correspondent Bank Address


Instructions for the International Wire Transfer

Since VyStar Credit Union does not have any SWIFT code and thus it would not be able to receive the transfers directly. 

In such case, the sender bank makes transactions using the corresponding bank in the U.S. that further transfers the funds to the VyStar Credit Union using routing number. 

Here is the information essential to enter for making the international Wire Transfer in the VyStar Union Bank.

Processing Domestic Wire Transfer to VyStar Credit Union

One can process the domestic wire transfer either through the Fedwire system or the Clearing Housing Interbank Payments System (CHIPS). 

When considering wire transfer and ACH transfer, wire transfer is faster (real-time transfer) as compared to ACH transfer that usually take 2-4 days for transferring money. 

Instructions for Making Domestic Wire Transfers

Making a domestic wire transfer in the VyStar Credit Union is very simple and can be done by entering the details mentioned in the table below. 

Bank Name Vytar Credit Union
Routing Number 263079276
Account Holder Name Your Name
Account Number Bank Account Number
Bank Address Complete Address of VyStar Credit Union

P.O. Box 45085, Jacksonville

FL 32232-5085


Sending Wire Transfer From VyStar Credit Union

For processing the transfer of funds to any international or domestic bank account, one needs to fill  the Wire Transfer Request Form available at any of the branch of VyStar Credit Union. 

  • Enter all the required and mandatory fields of the Wire Transfer Instructions. 
  • Complete the detail and sign it.
  • Submit the form in the branch and keep the wire transfer disclosure for your records.
  • Wire transfer requests is received and confirmed by the cut-off time of the credit union. 
  • Each wire transfer has some corresponding fees. 

Wire Transfer Fees Details For VyStar Credit Union

Here are the applicable charges for making the VyStar Credit Union Transactions

International Incoming  $0 for each transaction + intermediary bank fees
Outgoing $0 for each transaction + intermediary bank transfer
Domestic Incoming $0 for each transaction
Outgoing $15 for each transaction