USAA Routing Number is the best alternative to keep a record of banking transactions by locations. You can use this for many security purposes.

USAA Bank in the United States of America has been introduced back in 1983 and since then, it is quite a trustworthy banking and financial institution in the USA. Are you a leading light customer of the USAA Bank? If yes, there must be a routing number usaa bank branch you are associated with.

usaa routing number

With the help of USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number, you can trace the location of the person or account holder who has transferred funds into saving the account of this Bank.

By USAA checking Bank routing number, you can come by the benefit of protection against the bank related cyber crimes. You can be protected from fraud, unknown or unwanted wire transfers by using USAA Wire Transfers routing number and trace the location from or to where the money has been sent.

What is ABA USAA Routing Transit Number?

USAA is one of the top 30 national banks in the United States of America and it is well-known for its deposit management service. USAA Banking institution has generated over 6.5 million customers from all over the worldwide.

USAA Bank Location Routing Number
Alabama 314074269
Alaska 314074269
Arizona 314074269
Arkansas 314074269
California 314074269
Colorado 314074269
Connecticut 314074269
Delaware 314074269
District of Columbia 314074269
Florida 314074269
Georgia 314074269
Hawaii 314074269
Idaho 314074269
Illinois 314074269
Indiana 314074269
Iowa 314074269
Kansas 314074269
Kentucky 314074269
Louisiana 314074269
Maine 314074269
Maryland 314074269
Massachusetts 314074269
Michigan 314074269
Minnesota 314074269
Mississippi 314074269
Missouri 314074269
Montana 314074269
Nebraska 314074269
Nevada 314074269
New Hampshire 314074269
New Jersey 314074269
New Mexico 314074269
New York 314074269
North Carolina 314074269
North Dakota 314074269
Ohio 314074269
Oklahoma 314074269
Oregon 314074269
Pennsylvania 314074269
Rhode Island 314074269
South Carolina 314074269
South Dakota 314074269
Tennessee 314074269
Texas 314074269
Utah 314074269
Vermont 314074269
Virginia 314074269
Washington 314074269
West Virginia 314074269
Wisconsin 314074269
Wyoming 314074269
San Antonio, TX 122487129
San Antonio, TX 114094041


To secure the privacy of transactions of these 6.5 million customers, USAA Routing transit number exists. Since ever establishment, this has been protecting the customers from any kind of cyber mishappening.

ABA Routing Transit Number is a unique nine-digit code allotted to the branches of this Bank by the American Bankers Association. It is noteworthy to mention that every bank and its branches within the boundaries of the USA have a unique nine-digit code called ABA Routing Transit Number. USAA Bank has also been allotted with transit numbers for every branch.

How to check my USA Routing Transit Number?

To check your USAA Federal savings bank routing number, you can check your checkbook. Pick one check and look at the bottom-left of the check. You will find a nine-digit code at the left of your account number.

As mentioned earlier, every branch has a unique nine-digit code or ABA Routing transit number USAA. For example, USAA Routing number Texas is 314074269. Similarly, you can find out your bank RN for direct deposit on your check.

For the reader’s information, USAA Routing number and address are related. By using RN, you can check the locations of transactions that have been recorded in your bank account. USAA Wire Routing number for electronic or online transactions is 314074269.

In a personal account information box, you can trace your RN and obtain the benefits of small information akin to the location of the fund sender and receiver.

“To create a safe and sound online world of finances, you can take 100% satisfaction in electronic transactions and other related details.”