UFCU or University Federal Credit Union is the largest locally-owned financial institution based in Austin, Texas. It offers many different products and members including UFCU online banking, UFCU mobile banking, credit cards, offering loans and insurance. The best point is that one can find the bank branch at multiple locations. You can easily make use of the bank services and transfer funds conveniently using the UFCU routing number.

The bank has a large number of an associated member because of the following benefits and services:

  • Secured Services: The bank offers enhanced security technology that helps in keeping the account safe. The highly secured services of the bank include the advanced data encryption with SSL, alert notification about the account and preventing the accounting scam.
  • Meet Your Financial Goals at One Single Place: One can manage the entire financial services at one trusted place. Some of the financial services offered by the bank are:
  • Combining data of the multiple institutions to one single dashboard: It centralized the data of different institution at one single place. 
  • Tagging the expenses for the future review: Help the member to tag the expenses that helps them to review them in the time future. 
  • Creating budgets and saving goals: The bank gives provision to its member to create budgets thus help them in setting saving goals. 
  • Analyzing the daily cash flow: The bank helps in analyzing the cash flow on a daily basis and alert the member when the member approaches limits or goals.
  • Free and Convenient 24/7 Access to the Account: The bank offers free and convenient customer care services through online banking. 
  • Secure Services of the Mobile Banking: Offers the member the banking services at the finger tip by offering the mobile banking services. 

Routing Number UFCU Austin

The routing number, a nine-digit code, is useful for making direct deposits, payroll payments and for sending and receiving a wire transfer.

UFCU Routing Number

If you have an account with UFCU and want to make a wire transfer to another account in the UFCU bank then you need to enter the UFCU routing number.

Although many banks have more than one routing number when we talk about the UFCU, it has one routing number irrespective of the UFCU locations.

The nine digits used to create a routing number have a meaning that is explained below.

The number is divided into three parts:

  • The first part of four digits represents the Federal Reserve routing number
  • The next set of four digits helps in identifying the ABA institution in which the transfer of money is being done.
  • The last digit is the check digit.

When One Need the Routing Number?

A routing number is needed for a variety of situations. Some of them are:

  • For making direct deposits
  • Automatic loan payment
  • Recurring Transfers like payment of the bill
  • Also, the routing number is required to file tax to receive the tax refund or for conducting the Automated Clearing House.

Wire Transfers with UFCU Routing Number

Many financial institutions and banks make use of different routing number but UFCU has the same routing number as 314977405.

This number is useful for receiving domestic wire transfers but the UFCU routing number does not help accept the direct international transfer.

Routing number not only assures the secure wire transfer from one UFCU bank to another within the US but also helps to make processing fast, easy and reliable.

Steps to Process the Wire Transfer

For processing the wire transfer you need the following information:

  • Enter the amount that you want to transfer
  • Add the name and address of the recipient
  • Enter the account number of the recipient
  • Add the recipient’s bank information like Bank name, Address and Routing number

Steps to Receive the Wire Transfer

Here are the steps that help you in receiving the wire transfer:

  • Enter your name and address.
  • Enter the essential information of your Union Credit Union account in which you want the amount to get credited.
  • Select the account type; Checking, Savings, or Money Market, etc.
  • Enter the UFCU Routing number and bank address.

For International Wire Transfer

An international wire transfer cannot be done alone by the routing number. Instead, one needs to add additional information like SWIFT number, IBAN (for countries that participate in the IBAN System).

For making the international wire transfer follow the steps below:

  • Select the currency type like USD, EURO, etc.
  • The time for making an international wire transfer for businesses is set at 2:00 PM MT while 1:00 PM MT for consumers.
  • To request the wire transfer, one can visit the UFCU location or call the customer care number of the bank.

*UFCU charges $12 for domestic wire transfer while for receiving the wire transfer the bank charge $3. Generally, the wire transfer is completed the same day if sent by 1:30 PM CST thus it is not possible to cancel the wire transfer once processed. 1

Where to Find the UFCU Routing Number?

The routing number for UFCU is 324079416 that is printed on the lower-left corner of the check.

Other than the check one can find the routing number by login the online internet banking under the account details.

Also, you can check the routing number on our website.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Number

The automated clearing house number is the electronic payment system that helps in making payments and collecting funds in an electronic form. The ACH function includes direct deposit, and for checking conversions from paper to electronic. It is highly useful for making high-volume, low –value payments by imposing fewer fees.

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

For making a convenient international bank transfer many countries including Europe, the Middle East, and Carribean countries have adopted the International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

It is a 34 alphanumeric character that one should enter before entering the international fund transfer.

This number is highly useful to identify the individual bank accounts and unlike SWIFT Code or BIC Code this numeric code is useful for both incoming and outgoing international money transactions.

Make the efficient use of the routing number and make the fast, safe and secure wire transfer.