TIAA bank a well-diversified financial service organization in New York base in Jacksonville, Florida offers banking, mortgages and investing services in the USA. It is a Fortune 100 company that is opened to offer financial services to non-profit organizations, institutions, and educators across the nation. The bank is built on the legacy of offering services to those who serve others by providing financial solutions. TIAA Bank CD rates are 2.00% APY 9-month. Since it is associated with many financial services and benefits it is essential to know the TIAA bank routing number.

About TIAA Bank Routing Number

TIAA Bank Routing Number

A routing number or transit number is a nine-digit number that is used to identify the financial institution in the transaction and to determine the exact location of the bank where the account has been created.

Since many banks use multiple routing numbers depending on the geographical locations, regions, etc. It is therefore very important to know the correct routing number before making any transaction.

Also, known as ABA routing number or RTN, one can easily found it at the bottom of the check.

There are multiple TIAA bank locations in the USA from Alabama to California, North Carolina to West Virginia. The routing number for the TIAA bank used for making financial transactions is 063092110. 

When Is Routing Number Required?

A routing number is useful in processing the following tasks.

  • Making direct deposit
  • For an automatic loan payment
  • Making recurring transfers like bill payments
  • Filling tax refund
  • While conducting Automated Clearing House
  • Transferring money between different accounts.

TIAA Bank Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is one of the convenient and the fastest mode of receiving money in the TIAA bank account. The wire transfer in TIAA bank helps you in receiving money from another bank within the USA or any other foreign land.

It is the real-time transfer of money that transfers funds within the same day and is different from ACH transfer which usually takes 2-4 days.

For international wire transfer to TIAA bank, the banks use the SWIFT network to exchange information useful for making transactions. The information used to receive international wire transfer is as below:

Name of the Bank: TIAA Bank World Markets


Routing Number: 063000225

Bank Address: TIAA Bank, 501 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202

For domestic wire transfer banks usually, run the Fedwire system or CHIPS (Clearing House Interbank Payments System).

To receive funds to your TIAA Bank account from any bank located within the USA the following wire transfer is used.

Bank Name: TIAA Bank World Market

Wire Transfer Routing Number: 063000225

TIAA Bank Address: TIAA Bank, 501 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202

TIAA Direct Bank Routing Number

TIAA direct bank routing number is 081086700 that is used to facilitate the electronic routing of funds (ACH transfer) from one bank to another.