TD Bank is a national bank in the USA with its headquarters in Cherry Hill in New Jersey in the USA. TD Bank parental organization is known as the Toronto-Dominion Bank. Since the establishment of TD Bank in 1852, it has acquired over 22 million clients all over the world.

It has 1,150 branches with a record of 11 million customers. Yes! Hence, TD Bank holds over 1 thousand unique TD ABA Routing Transit Number that ensures the safety and security of all banking transactions.

What is the TD Bank Routing Number?

In the United States of America, American Bankers Association aka ABA allots a unique nine-digit code to every bank and its branches. It is called TD Bank routing number. ABA TD Bank routing number records the location of the sender and receiver of the funds of every banking transaction.

TD Bank Locations USA Routing Number
Connecticut 11103093
Maine 211274450
Rhode Island 211370545
Maryland 54001725
New Hampshire 11400071
Delaware 31201360
New York – Upstate NY 21302567
South Carolina 53902197
Vermont 11600033
Florida 67014822
Massachusetts 211370545
Metro District of Columbia 54001725
Virginia 54001725
New Jersey 31201360
New York – Metro NYC 26013673
North Carolina 53902197
Pennsylvania 36001808

It is noteworthy to mention that the real-time bank routing number TD Bank is as important as recording every wire transaction that has been made online. It is because of the increasing cyber crimes in the world. As per the development of the ABA Routing number policy, there can be only up to five ABAs allowed to a banking institution in the USA.

Therefore, if you are a customer associated with TD Bank, you have a TD Bank checking routing number that improves the security of your bank account transaction. For instance, if your TD Bank branch is in Delaware, your routing number is 031201360. For North Caroline, the TD bank wire routing number is 053902197. For New York, TD Bank ABA Routing Number is 021302567.

How to find routing number TD Bank?

To find routing number TD Bank, take your checkbook and look at any check. You can find the routing number at the bottom-left of the check. By the right side of the routing number TD the bank, you can see your bank account number. You can use a routing number to record your transactions or trace any specific transaction details by location. It is an effective anti-theft strategy that helps to generate evidence based on the location of the cardholder.

What are the benefits of TD Bank routing number ABA?

  • Helps to send or receive funds overseas
  • Helps to make and record automatic bill payments
  • Process checks successfully and transfers funds to the bank account
  • Bank records about to where and from where funds are transferred
  • To make successful wire transfers
  • To make successful online direct deposits
  • To record USA Banking transaction s location-wise
  • To check whether payment has been made or delayed

Where else can I find my Routing Number of TD Bank?

If you do not have access to your checkbook, you can go to your banking online website. For the reader’s information, TD Bank routing number ABA is not confidential nine-digit code, hence, you can find it on the online website of TD Bank. You can also call the customer service of TD Bank to know your routing number associated with your TD Bank branch.