Synchrony Bank is one of the most trusted banking institutions in Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, New York City, Philippines, Arizona, and other locations in the USA. To the reader’s surprise, Synchrony Bank also offers money transfer services for US citizens in India. For the respective transfer of funds from or to Synchrony Bank Account, you will be requested for Synchrony Bank Routing Number while using the Mobile Bank App. All details are given below: 


Bank Name Synchrony Bank 
Location (Region name) 140 Wekiva Springs Rd, Longwood, FL 32779, United States
Routing Number 021213591


Please note that the above-mentioned routing number is applicable for all synchrony bank branches in Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, New York City, Philippines, Arizona, and other locations in the USA.

While locating the Synchrony Bank Routing Number on the web, please do not confuse it with the routing number for Synchrony Financial, which is the parent company of the respective banking institution. Both are the same and have the same routing number, i.e.., 021213591. 

How to make a wire transfer using Synchrony Bank Savings Routing Number? 

If you are using Synchrony Bank to receive funds from another bank account or probably from another person, it is best to make a wire transfer using Synchrony bank routing number.

It allows the authorities to record the initial location of funds as well as the final one. Therefore, if the transaction doesn’t proceed correctly, the Payee’s money can get refunded immediately. 

To do so, use the following instructions:

  • Open the Money Transfer App associated with Payee’s bank account.
  • Enter Synchrony Bank user’s account name (registered at the bank).
  • Further, enter the Synchrony Bank account number to which you want to transfer funds. 
  • Next, enter the branch address.
  • At last, enter the Synchrony Bank routing number. 
  • Finally, initiate the payment. 

Does it cost additional charges? The answer is yes. According to the terms & conditions of Synchrony Bank, for each wire transfer, the bank deducts a $25 additional fee. Apart from this, only Diamond membership users are rewarded with free-of-cost wire transfers three times a cycle. 

Is it safe to provide a routing number? 

To begin with, each banking institution has one or more routing transit numbers allocated by the American Bankers Association.

Presuming that you are asking your employer or Payee to transfer funds into your Synchrony Bank, you will need to provide your Synchrony Bank routing number to that Payee. Now, you may wonder if it is safe to provide a routing number and account number to the Payee? Well! The answer is yes. It is 100% safe and secure to provide a routing number.

Indeed, routing number allows the money transfer process to be more secure by recording information concerning both ends of the transaction, including accurate locations. 

However, it is possible for fraud people to steal money using your routing number and bank account number. Therefore, we advise you to avoid providing such information to non-trustworthy people, especially those who claim to offer rewards via net banking. 

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