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Suntrust Bank Inc. is the leading name in the banking and financing industry in the USA. Do you trust all your online fund transfers with Suntrust Bank? If yes! Congratulations, because Suntrust Bank has now been associated with ABA aka American Bankers Association for improved security of online wire transfers, direct deposits, utility bills, and tax deposits.

Your trustworthy Suntrust Bank has been allotted Suntrust routing number Florida. By using this routing number Suntrust, you can safely act to online banking activities and trust Suntrust for the safety and security of your funds.

What Is Suntrust ABA Routing Transit Number?

ABA Routing Number is also known as American Bankers Association Routing Transit number. ABA RTN or Suntrust ABA Routing Number is a nine-digit code that has been allotted by the American Bankers Association to all banking institutions in the United States of America.

Suntrust Bank Routing Number

ABA Routing Number helps to trace the current location of the sender and the receiver of the funds that have been sent to or received into the respective banking institution. For the reader’s information, account holders of the Suntrust Bank may need a routing number for Suntrust bank.

What is the Suntrust Routing number?

Suntrust Routing number 063102152 is valid for Orlando, Florida location in the USA. It is used for FedACH i.e.., Federal Reserve Bank ACH Services and for settling debit and credit transactions with the Suntrust bank.

Routing Number Locations Bank Registered Name
61000104 Orlando, FL Suntrust
51000020 Orlando, FL Suntrust
53100465 Orlando, FL Suntrust
55002707 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank
61100790 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank, Northwest Ga
63102152 Orlando, FL Suntrust
64000046 Orlando, FL Suntrust
  • Suntrust Routing Number for Wires is 061000104
  • Suntrust Bank Florida Routing number for main account money transfer is 055002707
  • Suntrust checking routing number can be located on different sources of banking transactions like online Suntrust website and checks.

How to find my Suntrust ABA Routing number?

To locate your Suntrust bank routing number for wires, you can check the online website of Suntrust bank. To check Suntrust Routing number Georgia, open your checkbook and locate any check information. At the bottom of the check, you would find a nine-digit code on the left side. You can also use the help of Suntrust bank customer executive by dialing toll-free for the bank.

What are the uses of the Suntrust ABA Routing number?

  • You can use SunTrust bank routing number for online wire transfers
  • You can get location-wise information on each banking transaction recorded into your account book.
  • You can successfully make online direct deposits in your Suntrust Bank account
  • You can successfully pay for utilities online by using funds in your Suntrust Bank account
  • You can successfully pay taxes and make online payments for purchased products on e-commerce platforms by using your funds in your Suntrust bank account.
  • You can check the location of the person who has successfully deposited funds into your Suntrust Bank account.

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