RBFCU or Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is a credit union with its headquarter in Live Oak, Texas. It is charted and regulated under the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). It is one of the largest credit unions in the USA and second largest in Texas with 850,000 members and $9.5 billion assets. The bank provides a unique nine-digit RBFCU routing number to its members to carry out the safe transactions.

RBFCU is known for offering many products and services that includes saving accounts, checking accounts, loan products, and mobile technology. Also, it is the first-ever financial institution in the USA that released a remote deposit platform thus allows the members to make their deposits from the mobile device.

RBFCU Routing Number

This financial institution works to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of the member associated with it. Also, its commitment to offer personalized services makes the bank an even smarter choice among the members.

Along with this, it offers the credit card at the low-interest rate that attracts more customers towards its services.

Routing Number RBFCU

The routing number for RBFCU is 314089681.

Here is the list of different RBFCU branches at a different locations.

  • RBFCU Routing Number San Antonio: 314089681
  • RBFCU Routing Number Texas: 314089681

A routing number is the first set of nine-digit number that is printed at the bottom of checking account checks on the bottom left corner. A routing number is also known as the Association Routing Transit Number or ABA number.

The routing number is used to sending and receiving money from the same or other financial institutions, banks and credit unions.

In all, the routing number is used for making:

  • Direct deposit
  • Online bill payment
  • Check to process
  • Wire Transfers.

There are two kinds of routing number namely, ABA and ACH.

ABA routing number is used for checks while the ACH comes in use for electronic withdrawals and transfers.

ACH or Automated Clearing House Number is used for making high-volume, low-value payments by charging low fees. This system is designed to accept payment batches thus it helps make a large number of payments at once.

What does the Routing Number Stand for?

The nine-digit code of routing number has a hidden meaning with each number used to create it.

The first two number is used to identify the type of financial institution and the second two is the identification code for the Federal Reserve Bank district branch the next four depict the financial institution where the customer has its account and the last single number identifies the single check digits.

International Wire Transfer with RBFCU Routing Number

The routing number is used to make a bank transfer among different banks located at different locations within a country, but when it comes to the international transfer, the bank uses a SWIFT code or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Code.

This code is used to identify the financial institutions of the world.

RBFCU does not have SWIFT code and therefore one cannot make use of its services to make an international transfer. Instead, it uses intermediary banks that are multinational institutions with an agreement with the global banks. These banks facilitate international wire transfer.

For any international transfer that needs to be done in the RBFCU, the respective bank must identify the corresponding US ban and transfers the money to that particular bank. The receiver bank will then make use of the routing number of RBFCU to complete the domestic transfer.

S.No. Type of Wire Transfer RBFCU Routing Number
01. Domestic Wire Transfer 314089681
02. International Wire Transfer as FFC to RBFCU Account 314089681
03. Swift Code of the intermediary Bank Provided by Senders’ Bank


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