PNC or PNC Financial Service Group is a bank that offers financial services to the people. It is based in Pittsburg, Pennyslyvania and operates in 19 other states with different PNC routing number.

The financial services of the company include asset management, wealth management, estate planning loan services etc.

The bank is ranked on number 9 position and is the fifth-largest bank in terms of branches with 2.459 branches.

The word PNC is derived from its two predecessors Pittsburg National Corporation or Provident National Corporation that merged in the year 1983.

What is Routing Number?

PNC Bank Routing Number

In the US, all the banks and other financial institutions has an identification number called routing number? These numbers are used to make online transaction.

Routing number is a nine-digit number used to process Fedwire funds transfer. It is also used to make other payments like direct deposits and bill payments.

Routing Number PNC Bank

Here is the Routing Number PNC for all the 19 branches of the bank.

State Routing Number
PNC Routing Number Albama 043000096
PNC Routing Number Washington DC 054000030
PNC Routing Number Georgia 053100850/061192630
PNC Routing Number Indiana 043000096
PNC Routing Number Maryland 054000030
PNC Routing Number Missouri 071921891
PNC Routing Number North Carolina 043000096
PNC Pennsylvania-Pittsburg 043000096
PNC Virginia 054000030
PNC Routing Number Wisconsin 071921891
PNC Delaware 031100089
PNC Routing Number Florida 267084199
PNC Routing Number Illinois 071921891
PNC Kentucky 083000108
PNC Routing Number Michigan 041000124
PNC NJ 031207607
PNC Routing Number ohio 042000398/041000124
PNC South Carolina 53100850
PNC West Virginia 271971560


PNC Bank Wire Routing Number

For domestic wire transfer, you need a wire routing number given in the table above, while for making an international transfer you also require an Swift code along with routing number.

Type of Wire Transfer PNC Routing Number
Domestic Wire Transfer ABA routing Number
International Wire Transfer to PNC account in the USA ABA routing number
Swift Code PNCCUS33


PNC Routing Number for ACH Transfer

For an ACH transfer, the ACH routing number is uses. You can find the ACH number of the state in the table above.

Multiple Routing Numbers for Banks

According to the ABA policy, the eligible bank can have five routing number.

One of them is associated with the principal office and four are additional numbers. For more routing number, the bank need to seek approval from the Routing Number Administrative Board.

Banks in different states have a different routing number. It is always good to check the routing number of the particular bank at the regular interval of time to have the save transactions especially if you come across the news of the merger of the bank.

How to Find PNC Transist Number?

One can check the PNC bank routing number:

  • On this page
  • PNC online banking
  • At the bottom of the check or statement
  • At the official website of the Federal Reserve