The State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) is a non-profit financial institution in North Carolina. It was founded in 1937 and is the second-largest Credit Union of the United States in terms of assets and membership. Currently, the Credit Union has 265 branches offering financial services and each branch has a unique identification code use for transactions known as NCSECU routing number.

SECU was founded in 1937 and the firm began its journey with 17 members and $437 assets. Initially, it offers services part-time and slowly grows its services, membership, and assets.

As per the 2019 report, SECU had $41 billion in assets and offer its services to more than 2.2 million members and almost 6,000 employees working in its multiple branches.

In 2004, SECU chartered the SECU foundation with the objective of promoting the local community development and offering funds for different areas like housing, education, healthcare, and human services.

NCSECU Routing Number

In present, the SECU offers various services to its members and provides a great option for saving to its members. For both retirement and education, SECU offers low-cost diversified stock and bond mutual funds. Apart from this, it also offers its members the platform to invest in stocks, bonds, and non-recommended mutual funds.

SECU has a network of 1,100 ATMs distributed across the different regions of North Carolina for those who hold the debit card.

NCSECU Member Access

SECU’s members can access their accounts via member access. For this, they need to enter the NCSECU Login credentials. The online services help them to perform the transaction and to keep track of their finances.

  • Online Access for Desktop Users

For logging in to the state employees credit union service visit the NCSECU website and enter the User ID and password and click on Sign in button.

  • For Mobile User

Also, one can access the NCSECU account using their mobile. Install the mobile app and enter the details; User ID and password. Click on the Sign-in button and make the best use of the service.

Online Services of the SECU

The online services offered by SECU are:

  • Checking the account balance
  • Viewing the transaction detail and activity of the member
  • Obtaining monthly statement report and the data of the cleared checks.
  • Along with this one can make use of the online services for:
  • Transferring funds between the Credit Union accounts.
  • Processing recurring wire transfers with NCSECU routing number.
  • Performing credit card cash advances.
  • Paying bill
  • Managing payee
  • View payment history.
  • Communicating with the SECU team via the internal messaging portal.


To avail of all the SECU services in a seamless manner, SECU offers the NCSECU mobile app. The app helps the member in the following ways:

  • Securing Account Information: The app helps the member in managing the SECU account and in viewing the account information like the current balance and the transaction details.
  • Transfer Money: It makes it easy to transfer money between the accounts, repaying loans and performing an activity like the real-time loan and credit card advances in real-time.
  • Paying Bills: Helps in setting up quick one-time and recurring payments, adding new payees, viewing scheduled and past payment, etc.
  • Security: Moreover the app helps in offering all the services in a secure way. Simply sign in to the account using the unique passcode and sign in to the account from the supported devices.

NCSECU Routing Number

Every bank has a nine-digit unique code that is being assigned to them by the American Bankers Association. This number works as an identification unit and helps in making a simple and secure money transfer across different branches of the bank.

The Routing number for State Employee Credit Union in North Carolina is 253177049.

The Routing number is useful for making all sorts of financial transactions like:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Paying Bills
  • Depositing Salary or Pension Deposit
  • Pay in a Check
  • Making wire or ACH transfer

SECU Routing Number For Making Wire Transfer

For domestic transfer of the money, one needs to enter the nine-digit routing number along with the account number and other details but if you want to make an international money transfer, then an additional number or code called SWIFT code is also required. This helps in sending and receiving money to and from any bank around the globe easy and convenient.

Type of Wire Transfer Routing Number
Domestic Wire Transfer 253177049
International Wire Transfer to the SECU account  253177049


NCSECU Routing Number for ACH Transfer

Apart from wire transfer, there is another kind of transfer that is faster than the wire transfer. It is known as ACH transfer.

For making an ACH transfer in your SECU account, you need to use the ACH routing number 253177049.

S.No.  Routing Number NCSECU Locations
1. 272078268 Michigan
2. 253177049 North Carolina
3. 255076753 Maryland
4. 281076167 Illinois
5. 307084431 New Mexico
6. 253174929 North Carolina
7. 221373383 New York


Which Routing Number to Use?

One can choose the routing number depending upon the type of transactions. Also, the bank has a different routing number that is not shared with any other bank. Thus it assures that the payment ends in the account where it is meant to be.

Where to Find the SECU Routing Number?

One can check the routing number of NCSECU easily on the Check

The check consists of three sets of numbers. The first set of numbers on the left corner is the nine-digit code, the routing number. The second set is the account number and the last set is the check number.

Other than this one can find the routing number online:

  • On this page: We keep you updated about the routing number of different banks of the USA. You can find the required routing number by visiting our website.
  • SECU online banking: If you have registered yourself for using the online services of the Credit Union, then you can check the routing number by logging in to the account.
  • On the bank statement: Also, you can check for the routing number on the statement.

Bottom Line

The routing number is useful to make sure that the payment is made in a safe and secure way and there will be no loss.

Hope the information is helpful in finding useful information for you. 

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