Morgan Stanley, a global investment bank founded in the year 1935 by Henry Sturgis Morgan and Harold Stanley is currently operating in the 42 different countries. With the great financial services it Morgan Stanley Routing Number is used by the consumer to track their transactions and to avoid any mistakes while making any kind of transaction including the international.

With a wide range of services, the bank focuses on offering major services like investment banking, investment management services, securities, and wealth management services for individuals, corporations, and government.

Morgan Stanley Headquarters

Although Morgan Stanley is operative at the multiple locations across the globe the bank has its headquarter in midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Morgan Stanley Routing Number

With such a dispersed service location, the bank employs more than 55,000 staff members.

Why Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley is the bank on which the major corporations, organizations, and governments rely on their finances. Its advisory and capital-raising services are recognized as one of the best in the investment market.

Apart from this, there are many reasons why people choose the Morgan Stanley bank for their finances.

The bank is organized into three business units that are enlisted below:

Wealth Management

The wealth management division of the bank offers various financial services and solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and other institutions. The major services include brokerage, credit, investment, wealth planning services, managing fixed income securities, retirement planning services, etc.

The bank merged its wealth management business with Citigroup and renamed it as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Bank.

Morgan Stanley Investment Banking

The investment management offers asset management products and services for institutional and retail clients via intermediary channels. Some of the highlighted products and services are real estate investment, alternative investment, equity, fixed income, and private equity.

Institutional Securities Group

The institutional securities segment is the company’s most profitable services. It offers investment banking, sales and trading, and real estate and corporate lending. It provides many benefits and involves raising capital through IPOs, financial advisory, and project financing,

Morgan Stanley ABA Routing Number

Every customer of Morgan Stanley requires a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Routing Number for making secure transactions. This routing number is being used by the bank to identify the financial institutions from where the transaction being done.

Morgan Stanley ABA Routing Number is present at the bottom of the check and is used for ACH and wire transactions. However, a single bank can have multiple routing numbers depending upon its location and the region where a person opens his or her account. It is, therefore, need to be very careful while entering the routing number.

Morgan Stanley Routing Number is a 9 digit code that was designed in 1910 by the American Bankers Association and currently, the association is managing more than

26,895 active routing numbers.

The routing number of Morgan Stanley bank is 021272778.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Routing Number

S.No. Region/State Routing Number
1. California 021272778
2. Florida 021272778
3. Georgia 021272778
4. Illinois 021272778
5. Maryland 021272778
6. Massachusetts 021272778
7. New York 021272778
8. Texas 021272778
9. Washington DC 021272778


Morgan Stanley SWIFT Code

Although routing number plays a very important role in tracking the transactions, when it comes to making an international transaction, a bank routing identifier called SWIFT Code is used. This code is used to make international wire transfer and for sending important information between different banks.

As the routing number, the SWIFT code is also used to identify the bank behind the transaction.

The SWIFT Code for Morgan Stanley is MSNYUS33.

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