MACU Routing Number: MACU, Mountain America Credit Union is a federally charted credit union with its headquarter in West Jordan, Utah. It came into form in the 1930s to offer financial help the fellow members.

The routing number for MACU is 324079555.

It is a not-for-profit financial institution that focuses on offering guidance with the financial helps to its members through its more than 90 branches that are spread over Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Each branch can be easily identified using the MACU routing number.

MACU routing number

The Authority of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulates the Credit Union of MACU. It is the second-largest Credit Union of Utah with $3 billion assets in 2012 and around 370,000 members.

Some of the major benefits of financial institutions include:

  • Affordable products
  • Friendly services
  • Community involvement
  • Financial Education

The major services of the bank in services in the Mountain America include provision for:

  • Saving accounts: One can open a savings account and make the best use of services like direct deposits, wire transfer and lot more with the MACU routing number Utah.
  • Auto Loans: Seeing the score and financial history, the bank offers a seamless way to generate auto loans to its users.
  • Credit Cards: MACU bank offers different credit cards at a good rate of interest. It is reliable and has the least chance of any failure in the transactions.
  • SBA Loans: It is widely known for offering loans including Auto Loans (3,74%), Home Loans, Student Loans, and Personal Loans at the least rate of interest.
  • Insurance: Apart from the loan, the credit union is known for offering insurance services like Home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, business insurance and lots more.
  • Business Checking: MACU is also known among its members for offering various services to business people like Payroll Services, Remote Deposits, Online Banking, etc.
  • Retirement Planning: The Credit Union offers the biggest advantage by offering different options for saving money for post-retirement at a good rate of interest.
  • Secured Services: MACU use advanced technologies to assure its users that none of their personal information would be scanned from the database thus offering them better and secured services.

Along with this, the implementation of highly advanced technological features of the bank offers easy banking with:

Mobile app and online banking that gives you access:

  • To check the account balance in real-time and transaction history.
  • To easy transfer of money between MACU account using the MACU routing number
  • To view images of the cleared check
  • To schedule the one-time and repeat transfer
  • For receiving emails and notification
  • To pay bills using the online services without any additional charges.

Routing Number MACU

Are you fed up of spending long hours in making a physical transfer of money from one account to another? There is a better and more convenient option that assures complete security and helps you in a manual transfer of cash with MACU Credit Union,

With the routing number, it is now possible for the members to make direct deposits. Many advantages are associated with direct deposits. Some of them are:

  • Automatic deposit of check into the checking or savings account.
  • Little worry about any loss or theft.
  • An easier and seamless way
  • Better control over the money

Other than direct deposits some other advantages of the routing number are:

    • Wire Transfer: The wire transfer is the financial transactions digitally. This transfer is faster and convenient as compared to the traditional way of making the transfer.
    • ACH Payment: With the ACH routing number one can make the ACH transfer without paying any additional cost. One can obtain the ACH routing number from the checkbook. It is faster than the wire transfer and usually involves a third party.
    • Making payments using checks
    • To get the salary and pension directly into the account

Where can you find Mountain America Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit code that works as an identification unit for the same bank located at multiple locations.

As specified, the number is highly useful to the members for making direct deposits, electronic payments, transferring funds and reorder checks.

The number is highly useful for tracing the source of cash and their destination. This number is known by different names as ABA Routing number, Routing Transit Number, etc.

Some banks have multiple routing numbers, but when it comes to the MACU, it has only one routing number which is as follow:

The multiple routing numbers depict the geographical location of the bank.

On the Checks: One can find this number on the check at the bottom-left corner of the check.

Internet Banking: Along with this one can find the number through internet banking by entering the MACU login credentials. Login to the account and check the routing number section by searching for it at the search bar.

How to Make a Wire Transfer Using MACU Account and Routing Number?

For completing the wire transfer from another bank’s account to the MACU account, one requires to enter the following information:

  • MACU account number in which you want to make a transfer
  • Routing Number for MACU: 324079555
  • Phone Number of MACU: 800-748-4302/801-325-6228
  • MACU’s Branch Address: 7181 South Campus View Drive, Utah, West Jordan (84084)

Reap the best benefits of its services and use them safe and secure transactions using the right routing number.

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