Looking forward to using the services of KeyBank, grab the complete knowledge of the KeyBank Routing Number. But before moving further, have a glance at the top highlighted features and services of the bank.

KeyBank is the primary subsidiary of the KeyCorp that was established through the unification of Society Bank and Old Key Corp. It is a regional bank with it’s headquarter in Cleveland, Ohio. Its products and services have enlisted the bank at the 28th position in the list of the largest banks in the United States. With a large number of branches (1,197) and ATMs (1,572), the bank has a large customer base.

Top Features of KeyBank

  • Mobile and Internet Bank Services: The bank is the preferred choice of many people as it offers fast services by using the latest technology. It has provided its customers the facility of mobile and internet banking that helps the account holder to serve their accounts easily and conveniently.
  • Offer Reward: KeyBank offers a reward to the account holder who uses its services frequently. More the use more will be a reward. The customer can redeem those rewards and can earn gift cards, travel, merchandise, charity donation, etc.
  • Provides Credit Cards: It provides a credit card with easy refund time and facility in case of transaction failure.
  • Wealth Management: KeyBank provides wealth management, the fastest-growing department of the bank. It helps you in achieving goals thus help you in doing the desirable things.
  • Provide Loans: To assist you in purchasing things whose value goes out of your pocket, the KeyBank provides you a loan with the least interest rates.

KeyBank does care for the valuable money and therefore provides you the routing number that helps in tracking the transaction path.

Read the full information below to get the best assistance in finding the routing number for KeyBank.

Routing Number KeyBank

keybank routing number

A routing number is also called Transit Number or ABA Number and differs based on the location of the bank. It is a nine-digit number that is assigned to the bank based on the Federal Reserve to a domestic financial institution. This number is highly useful for making an electronic transfer.

KeyBank Routing Number is used to indicate the location of the account opening. It is a 9 digit code that helps in making the online fund transfer using a smartphone or laptop.

The Routing Number for KeyBank depicts the state in which the bank is located and also the bank in which the payment or transactions is being made.

For example:

KeyBank Washington Routing Number: 125000574

KeyBank Routing Number Utah: 124000737

KeyBank Colorado Routing Number: 307070267

Meaning of Routing Number

Routing number the nine-digit code helps in pinpointing the exact account of the bank. Each set of numbers in the nine-digit code has its meaning. The first four sets is used to indicate the geographic locations of the bank in which you have your account, the other set of four digits points towards the branch and the last digit specifies the safety check that ensures that the fund is being transferred to the right place.

Use of Routing Number

One needs the routing number for various tasks like:

  • ACH payments
  • Direct Deposits
  • Receiving benefits from the government like a tax refund
  • Transferring money between accounts of different banks
  • Online bill payment
  • Domestic Wire Transfer

How to Find the KeyBank Routing Number?

You can refer to the KeyBank Routing number by viewing the details given in the table below. Further, if you want to confirm the routing number for KeyBank you can do so by checking it on the checks that are associated with the KeyBank account.

Some of the best ways to find the routing number are:

  • Checks

For checking the KeyBank routing number on the check, look at the bottom left corner. Also, there are another two sets of number. Those two sets on the check are the account number and check number respectively.

  • Online

Login to your Keybank account with your mobile app or internet banking. Click on the Account information and setting menu. Here you will find the routing number of your bank.

  • Customer Care

Also, you can contact customer care at 1-800-539-2968. Provide all the relevant details to the representative who then helps you in knowing the routing number for your bank location.

For receiving funds directly into your KeyBank account you need both routing and account number.

Find the KeyBank Routing Number in the table below:

S.No. State Routing Number
1.    Alaska 125200879
2.    Colorado 307070267
3.    Connecticut 021300077 (222370440 for placing order for checks)
4.    Florida 041001039
5.    Idaho 124101555
6.    Indiana 041001039
7.    Kentucky ABA 042200295
8.    Kentucky Wire Transfer and ACH Routing 021300077
9.    Maine 011200608
10. Massachusetts 021300077 (222370440 for placing order for checks)
11. Michigan 041001039
12. New York Routing Number- Albany and Hudson Valley Wire Transfer 021300077
13. New York Routing Number-Albany and Hudson ABA and ACH Routing 222370440
14. New York Routing Number-Hudson Valley ABA and ACH 021906934
15. Ohio- NW Ohio, Columbus, and SW Ohio Wire Transfer and ACH Routing 041001039
16. NE Ohio-ABA, Wire Transfer and ACH Routing 041001039
17. Ohio-Columbus ABA 044000642
18. Ohio-NW Ohio ABA 041200089
19. Ohio-SW Ohio ABA 042200295
20. Oregon 123002011
21. Pennsylvania 021300077 (222370440 for ordering checks)
22. Utah 124000737
23. Vermont 211672531
24. Washington 125000574


Wire Transfer Using a Routing Number

Wire Transfer is one of the fastest ways of sending money. So if you want to send money to your friends, family or business, make the best use of wire transfer using the routing number.

  • For Domestic Wire Transfer

If the wire transfer is to be done within the country follow the steps below:

  • Use the corresponding bank routing number from above. Make sure that the routing number you entered is correct before making a transaction.

Other than the routing number one need the other details like:

  • Name of recipient
  • Bank name and location of the recipient (Beneficiary Details)
  • ABA number of the recipient bank
  • Recipient account number
  • For International Wire Transfer
  • Along with the routing number, one also needs to enter the SWIFT code to make an international wire transfer.
  • KeyBank Swift Code: KEYBUS33

*The 8 digit SWIFT code represents the primary office of the bank while the 11-digit code depicts the following information:

  • The first four characters is bank code (letters only)
  • The next two is the country code (letters only)
  • The next two (letters or number or both)is the location code
  • Last three characters (letters or number or both) represents the branch code.

Apart from these number and code, you need to enter the details like:

  • The name of the person to whom the wire transfer is to be made.
  • Name and location of the beneficiary bank
  • Account number of the beneficiary
  • The currency of the transaction amount