Learn about the Huntington Bank Routing Number in the information below.

The Huntington National Bank now known as Huntington Bancshares was founded in 1866 and is still operative from Columbus, Ohio.

By September 2019, the Huntington Bancshares Incorporated has become a company with the $109 billion asset regional banks.

Huntington is a full-service banking provider that is operative at seven different locations; Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The bank offers customer-oriented services and always remains focused on customer-specific needs.

Huntington Bank Routing Number

With 800 full-service branches, 12 private client group offices and 1,400 ATM locations the bank provides the following services:

  • Full-service commercial, small business and consumer banking services.
  • Mortgage services
  • Treasury management
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Equipment leasing
  • Wealth and investment management services
  • Trust services
  • Brokerage services
  • Customized insurance brokerage and service program

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All the services in the Huntington bank are committed to offering the best-in-class services to its customers. The bank achieved excellence by:

  • Providing competitive products and services
  • Delivering long-term shareholder value with their top-tier performance
  • Contributing to the economic strength of local communities by investing in the business growth
  • Huntington National Bank Routing Number

A routing number is a nine-digit bank number located on the bottom left corner of the check. 

Each bank in the US has its unique routing number that helps them to identify the bank in which they opened the account.

In all, routing number works as an address of the bank or the financial institution. 

Huntington Bank Routing Number Michigan: 044000024

How to Find Routing Number Huntington Bank without Check?

One can find the routing number for Huntington Bank using different sources:

  • Using Online Banking

For finding the routing number using online banking, one needs to follow the steps given below:

  • Login to online banking.
  • Click on the Account details page.
  • One can find the routing number under the account information section.

Mobile App

      To find the routing number with Huntington Mobile app:

  • Visit to the Huntington Mobile App
  • Click on the account
  • Open the Summary, tab to check the routing number.

Bank Statement

Also, you can find the routing number at the top column of the bank statement. You can confirm your routing number by entering the third and fourth digit of the account number.

On this Website

You can find the routing number for Huntington Bank on this website. So for all those who are wondering what the routing number is for Huntington Bank, know your routing number in the table below corresponding to the account number details.

Huntington Bank Routing Number

Account Number  Routing Number 
02 041215032
03 044115090
04 041215016
05 041215032
06 044000024
07 044000024
08 044115090
09 044115090
10 041215032
11 044000024
12 041215032
13 044000024
14 042215060
15 072403473
16 044115090
17 072403473
18 072403473
19 051903761
22 051903761
24 051903761
26 041215016
27 051903761
28 044115090
29 057000697
31 044115090
34 074000078
36 072403473
38 072403473
40 074000078
41 051903761
43 074000078
44 042215060
45 042215060
47 041215016
48 044115090
50 041215032
51 044115090
52 051903761
53 051903761
54 041215016
55 074000078
56 051903761
57 051903761
58 041215032
59 041215032
60 044000024
61 044000024
62 044000024
63 041215032
65 042015422
66 041000153
67 044108641
70 041215016
71 042100191
72 042100191
74 042100191
76 0044000024
77 044000024
78 041215032
89 044000024


Routing Number for Wire Transfers

Huntington bank has a list of different numbers for making a domestic or international wire transfer.

For domestic wire transfer, Huntington Bank has one unique number: 044000024.

This number is used for wire transfer but in case of international wire transfer, one needs an additional number or code called SWIFT code. It is an 8-11 digit code consisting of both alphabets and numbers. This code is specifically used to identify the country bank and branch of the bank in which the account has been registered.

One can find the SWIFT code on the bank account statement. The standard SWIFT code is eight to eleven digits and alphabets that correspond to the meaning below:

  • The first four are the English alphabets that are the shortened version of the bank’s name.
  • The next two digits are the letter code that represents the country
  • The other two digits are either letter or number that represents the bank’s head office.
  • The last three digits of the code specify the branch.

ACH Transfer with the Routing Number

Automated Clearing House or the ACH transfer is the electronic payment systems that allow the users to make a payment or to collect fund in an electronic form. ACH transfer generally indicates the next-day entries when exchanges with the other banks or financial institutions. It includes both direct deposits and conversion of a check from paper to electronic form.

The system is specifically designed to process the payment batches thus allowing multiple payments at once.