Goldman Sachs Bank USA was founded by Marcus Goldman in 1869 with its headquarter in Lower Manhattan and multiple offices at different locations. The bank deals with the multiple financial services and offers Goldman Sachs Bank routing number to people that help them in tracking the route of their transactions.

The different financial services that the bank offers are investment management, asset management, prime brokerage, securities underwriting etc.

The bank is one of the largest investment banks that play a primary role in dealing with the United States Treasury security market. In all, the bank contributes 21% of the total company’s revenue as per the data of 2015.

Goldman Sachs Bank Routing Number

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is operating with the vision to create the leading platform for the millions of consumers who want to hold complete control of their financial lives via their personalized products.

The various highlighted services are:


The bank offers the certificate of deposit with the competitive interest rates. Along with this the bank offers the high-yielding online saving account and secures the deposit by implementing their Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


The bank provides better management of the consumer debt by offering no-fee, fixed-rate personal loans that ranges from $3,500-$40,000. The bank provides different lending services: customer lending, private bank lending, corporate lending and risk management, community lending.

Goldman Sachs Routing Number

If you are the customer of the GS bank routing number then you would need a Routing Number Goldman Sachs Bank to smoothen your transactions. The routing number is used to make smooth transactions both online and offline.

Along with the transaction, the routing number is used to identify the financial institution behind the transaction.

Thus, a routing number is the one that is created with an objective to sort, bundle, and ship the paper analysis.

ABA Routing Number Goldman Sachs Bank

An ABA routing number is also known as transit number is a nine-digit code that is used by various banks operating in the US. The number is used for various purposes along with offering assistance in incorporating new payment methods like ACH and Wire Transfer.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs ABA Routing Number

S.No. Region or State Routing Number
1. Utah 124085082/124085260
2. New York City 026014601/026014986


Marcus Goldman Sachs Routing Number and Swift Code

The Swift Code now known as BIC code along with Routing number is provided by the bank for making an international transfer.

 The general structure for the SWIFT code used for making transactions have 8 or 11 characters that are broken down in the following parts:

  • 4 letters depict the institution code or bank code.
  • 2 letter depicts country code
  • 2 letters or digit signifies the location of the bank
    • If the second character is
      • 0: Test BIC as opposed to BIC that is used on the live network.
      • 1: Passive Participant in the SWIFT network
      • 2: reverse billing BIC where the recipient pays for the message
    • 3 letter or digit: Branch code (XXX signifies the primary office)

Similar to the routing number, SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code is used to identify the financial institution. The SWIFT designed the Swift Code System which is later approved by the International Organization for Standardization.  

The Swift code for Goldman Sachs bank is GSTRUS33 XXX. This code is useful in offering information about the bank and branch in which the money is being transferred. Thus, the code offers a simplified way to verify the details of the bank and reduces the error that mostly occurs while processing an international money transfer.