Are you the member of Golden 1 and making the use of the online services including the transfer of funds then it is essential for you to know the Golden 1 Routing Number.

Golden 1 Credit Union is one of the credit union of the US with headquarter in Sacramento, California. It has 82 branches that are spread across the state of California. 

The Credit Union was established in 1933 with an objective to offer assistance to the hard-working Californians. Currently, it is known to deliver the best financial solutions and exceptional services to its members. All its services have made the Golden 1, one of the best and largest in the United States. 

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Golden 1 is now has:

  • 1 Million members
  • 13-dollar billion assets
  • 72 branches spread across California
  • Membership for all the Californians. 

All the employees of the Golden 1 Credit Union are work together and focus on making the communities stronger. 

Golden 1 Credit Union Routing Number

The routing number is use for various purposes like for paying bills, for setting up the direct deposit etc. Many banks in the USA have more than one routing number the credit union like Golden 1 has only one routing number that is generally used for identifying different branches of the bank. 

Four of the Golden 1 routing number has different routing number 

Golden 1 Credit Union Branch  Routing Number
Golden 1 Credit Union Routing Number (Most Branches) 321175261
1328 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo, CA Branch 321076289
2298 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA Branch 321076289
1273 N. Davis Rd., Salinas, CA Branch 321175753
8379 Church St., Gilroy, CA Branch 321178022


Before processing any transaction it is very essential to know the right routing number corresponding to the bank from which the transaction is being initiated. 

Apart for making the direct deposit and the wire transfer the routing number for Golden 1 is used for identifying the bank and the financial institution that is responsible for making payment and transactions. 

The Golden 1 Routing number Sacramento is 321175261. It is good to confirm the routing number before initiating the transfer. 

Assigning the Routing Number for Credit Union

Routing number or Routing Transit Number (RTN) or American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number is assigned by the official ABA Registrar of Routing Number. These numbers are assigned by the institution that is eligible to maintain the account at the Federal Reserve Bank. 

In general, the routing number is the 9 digit code; the first two digits are allocated to the specific type of the financial institution while the last digit is the check number that is the identification unit of the corresponding financial institution. 

Find the Routing Number on the Check

One can easily check the routing number on the bottom left corner of the check before the account number. 

Where to Find the Routing Number Other Than Check

  • By Log in to the Online Banking
  • By Contacting to the Customer Care Executive
  • On This Website

Use of the Golden 1 Routing Number

This routing number is meant to fulfill various purposes enlisted below.

For making direct deposit or wire transfer both domestic and international. 

The routing number for the Golden 1 is used for sending and receiving the domestic and international wire transfer. The routing number instructed by the credit union is 321175261.

The address of the credit union for processing the transfer is 8945 Cal Center Dr., Sacramento, CA 

Along with address and routing number specify the name, account number and address for making the transfer. 

The above information is meant for the domestic transfer. When it comes to the international wire transfer, the Credit Union is not a part of the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) network and thus one cannot use its services for processing the international wire transfer. 

For the international wire transfer in the Golden 1 Credit Union it is essential to provide the information to the business or the institution processing transfer. The financial institution that sends the money forward this information to the U.S. correspondant bank that credit the fund to the Credit Union.

Golden 1 Credit Union

8945 Cal Center Dr.

Sacramento CA 95826

Routing Number: 321175261

Beneficiary Name 

Beneficiary Account Number

  • Also, the routing number is used to file tax in order to receive the tax refund or debit a tax payment
  • For Automated Clearing House (ACH) 
  • For processing transfer between different bank accounts. 

Bottom Line

Using the routing number for wire transfer process the transfer of funds within a day while the ACH transfer takes a few days to week for transfer. 

Since the wire transfer is quick, there are charges associated with making a transfer. To protect yourself from paying those charges, you can explore for the platform that allow for the wire transfer by imposing the minimum fees. 

To confirm the Golden 1 Credit Union, you can visit our website. We offer the complete and true information of the routing number of all the Credit Union and banks of the USA.