First Interstate Bank is a public banking institution with mainstream headquarters in Billings of Montana. It is a child corporation of First Interstate BancSystem, which initially commenced in 1971 and was established into a large-scale banking institution with a high-end reputation in Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, South Dakota, Montana, and Oregon. So, if you are a loyal customer of this bank, you can easily make peer-to-peer transactions using First Interstate Bank Routing Number. 

Please note that First Interstate Bank has two routing numbers, which you are requested to use based on the location of your first interstate branch. Here are the significant details: 

Bank Name First Interstate Bank 
Location (Region name) 3405 E Overland Rd #100, Meridian, ID 83642, United States
Routing Number 092901683


Please note that the above-mentioned routing number is applicable for FedWire as well as FedACH type of money transfers. Also, it is allocated for all the branches of First Interstate Bank, except the units which are specified as “First Interstate Bank of Montana.” Here are the additional details for First Interstate Routing Number if you belong to the latter category: 


Bank Name First Interstate Bank of Montana
Location (Region name) 211 5th St N, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States
Routing Number 102300129


It is also crucial to note that the above-mentioned routing number remains invalid for processing FedWire transfers to/from your First Interstate Bank of Montana Savings/Checkings Account. However, if you are processing FedACH transfers (automated transfers like scheduled bill payments and direct deposits), the routing number 102300129 will remain valid. 

How to cross-check my routing number for First Interstate Bank? 

Whether you are a customer at First Interstate Bank or First Interstate Bank of Montana, your money transfer will always remain a 100% secured process. Because there are a total of two routing numbers for First Interstate Bank, confusion is common.

In the event that you enter the wrong routing number while making any FedWire or FedACH transfer, please note that your money will not be credited to the targeted account. It may be debited, but the banking authorities will initiate a fund within hours or a maximum of 3-4 business days. 

Yet, it’s better to cross-check the routing number allocated to your First Interstate Bank Branch than remain confused. So, here are the instructions to do so: 

  • Grab a checkbook associated with your First Interstate Bank Account. 
  • Please spot three types of imprinted codes on the bottom of any check inside the book.
  • The nine-digit code is a valid routing number for your branch. 
  • You must use it for money transfer in order to proceed with a safe transaction. 
  • The other two codes are your account number and check number. 

For more information related to your personal account transfers and direct deposit, you can visit First Interstate Bank of Montana’s main office: 101000048, Po Box 291, Minneapolis, Montana. Or, ring at 406-255-5000. 
First Interstate Routing Numbers were last updated in 2007 and 2010, respectively.

Alert: Some websites mention 123206985 as the first-hand routing number for First Interstate Bank. But, it is wrong. This routing number is allocated to Centerpointe Community Bank. Hence, stay alert!