Insured and fully supported by the National Credit Union Administration, Eastman Credit Union is a great choice to put your funds in safer hands. Now, using Eastman Credit Union Application, you can easily transfer funds from one place to another without any glitches. Above all, you can also schedule direct check deposits, automated bill payments, etc. All these activities are fully secured by Eastman Credit Union Routing Number, which you are required to enter during the payment process. Here is complete disclosure: 

Bank Name Eastman Credit Union 
Location (Region name) 1925 James C. White Dr Gate 11, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States
Routing Number 263177725


Please note that Eastman Credit Union has only one routing number, that is 263177725. It is valid for all types of money transfers, including FedWire and FedACH. Eastman Credit Union also allows money transfer via third-party applications. 

Can I send money without a routing number? 

The answer is yes. If you are using Zelle Money App for transferring funds from/to your Eastman Credit Union Account, you will not need a routing number. You will only need a phone number, email address, and account number of the sendee/payee. 

On the other hand, a third-party application called Venmo for Money Transfer requires a routing number for Eastman Credit Union to initiate the transfer from the mentioned account.

However, the good part is, Venmo Mobile App holds amazing features which automatically detect the routing number for the entered account number, which is beneficial in case you cannot locate your routing number. 

What do we suggest? 

In the event that you are proceeding with a transfer without entering the routing number, you may be risking your funds. To begin with, the American Bankers Association has allocated unique routing numbers to each bank for security reasons.

Eastman Credit Union Routing Number ensures to detect the origin bank account’s branch location of the funds as well as the fund’s destination bank account’s branch location. If you make a money transfer without a routing number, it is possible that the above-mentioned information related to that transaction will not be recorded. 

Therefore, in case of accidental transfer or cybercrime, the authorities wouldn’t be willing to help you and relocate funds into your bank account. 

How can I locate my Eastman Credit Union Routing Number? 

If you are unsure of what your Eastman Credit Union Routing Number is! You can clear all doubts using your checkbook associated with the said bank account. Here are instructions for your reference: 

  • Take any check from your checkbook.
  • Observe three imprinted codes at the bottom.
  • The 14-digit code is your bank account number.
  • The 9-digit code is your routing number. 
  • The three or 4-digit code is the check number. 


All three codes are crucial to make direct check deposits in your bank account. Please note that while using Eastman Credit Union’s Debit or Credit Card Service, you do not need the routing number. Henceforth, stay alert if you are told otherwise. 

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