Eastern Bank is one of the most prestigious banking institutions in Boston, Massachusetts. However, according to the latest Eastern Bank status, its ownership has been demutualized recently as a Public Company. Hence, good news for account holders of Eastern Bank. Now, you can proceed with direct deposits, activate net banking, make wire transfers within seconds, and many services by sitting at your favorite place at home. For making such types of transactions, you must need Eastern Bank Routing Number, which you can locate below: 

Bank Name Eastern Bank 
Location (Region name) 265 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02110, United States (Main Office)
Routing Number 011301798


The above-mentioned routing number for Eastern Bank users is applicable for all forms of personal services, including online banking, mobile banking, commercial banking, etc. Please do not confuse eastern bank routing number 011301798 for Eastern Michigan Bank Routing Number, which is a private full-service bank. If you are a customer at Eastern Michigan Bank, the routing number valid for you to use is 072404058.

How to locate my Eastern Bank Routing Number offline? 

If you tend to forget your bank’s routing number that is pivotal to make any type of money transfer online, you can bookmark us and look up your preferred bank’s routing number within a matter of a few seconds. 

However, given some rare circumstances, if you are unwilling to reach us or depositing a check offline to your bank account, you can always locate your Eastern Bank Routing Number using your checkbook. Checkout following instructions to do so: 

  • Take your Eastern Bank Checkbook (must be associated with the bank account you want to transfer money from or to).
  • Observe three types of codes imprinted in the bottom bar. 
  • The nine-digit code at the left is your Eastern Bank Routing Number. 

In the event that you cannot get hold of your checkbook, you can always use your old bank statements to locate your Eastern Bank Routing Number. It is mainly imprinted on the top (information section) right beside your account number. 

Apart from this, you can contact Eastern Bank Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-EASTERN (327-8376). The lines remain open from 7 AM to 8 PM. 

Can I receive money in my account without a routing number? 

As mentioned before, you cannot receive or send money to or from your account without Eastern Bank Routing Number. In case of peer-to-peer transfer where you are the receiver, the sender will need your Eastern Bank Routing Number to successfully complete the transaction. 

In the event that your Eastern Bank Routing Number status shows “unverified” or “wrong,” you can look up our websites for updates. From year to year, Banking institutions may change their routing number based on how many states they operate in. 

For now, Eastern Bank has only one routing number for all types of transactions, that is, 011301798. Its routing number was last updated in May 2013. 

For more information, you can always ping us or leave your query in the comment section. Thank you.