While creating a permanent setup for net banking, direct digital deposits, and automated payments, don’t forget to cross-check and verify your City National Bank Routing Number. Currently, City National Bank has three mainstream ABA Routing Numbers. We have listed them below alongside crucial details required to make wire transfers and similar forms of transactions. 

City National Bank of California Routing Number? Find below: 

Bank Name City National Bank 
Location (Region name)
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • Washington DC
Routing Number


Bank Name City National Bank 
Location (Region name)
  • Georgia 
  • Tennessee
Routing Number


Bank Name City National Bank 
Location (Region name)

New York

Routing Number


How to locate my City National Bank Routing Number in urgency? 

In the event that you are unwilling to locate your City National Bank Routing Number Texas and other states that are not mentioned above, please follow the brief guide given below: 

  • Take your checkbook and observe any check. 
  • On the bottom, you will find three different digital codes printed. 
  • From the very left, the 9-digit code is your City National Bank Routing Number. 
  • Middle 14-digit code is your unique Account Number,
  • At last, the three-digit code is your check number. 

Which Routing Number do you use to transfer money? 

You must use ABA Routing Number to make a direct deposit, reordering a check, or transmit money via wire transfer. On various websites, you may view ACH routing numbers instead of ABA Routing Number or RTN.

In the USA Bank system, both ACH and ABN hold the same importance. In order to double-check the ABA Transit Number for City National Bank, please prefer the “cheque” method. 

What to do if I enter the wrong City National Bank Routing Number? 

It is crucial to note that the City National Bank Routing number must be entered considering the region of the receiver. For example, if you are transferring money from New York to Georgia’s City National Bank Account, then only the routing number allocated to the Georgia region will be validated.

In the event that you have entered the wrong routing number, then the transaction will fail. It will not go through. Any money debited from your account will be transferred back as soon as the authorities initiate a refund. 

Alongside, please also note that sometimes banks have different routing numbers for different types of transactions. This situation is not very common but possible. Thus, if you are entering the right routing number for check deposits and the application still shows routing number status as unverified or wrong, it is possible that the particular routing number you entered is not valid for check deposits. 

The above-mentioned City National Bank Routing Number California stays valid for Oklahoma as well. Since City Bank Routing Number has the same routing number for all types of transactions, you don’t need to worry. Only consider “region validity” while making an online payment or receiving, for that matter. 

Ping us if you need more details. Thank you!