All the banking institutions in the United States hold unique or multiple unique routing numbers that are further used for identification of bank and customer’s relationship during wire transfer, direct deposits, or making online credit card payments. If you are a customer with Central Pacific Bank, you will need an authentic central pacific bank routing number to successfully transfer money to the other end. 

Bank Name Central Pacific Bank 
Location (Region name) 220 South King Street Honolulu
Routing Number 121301578


The above-mentioned routing number for Central Pacific Bank remains valid for both domestic wire transfers and international wire transfers. 

How to make a wire transfer using the Central Pacific Bank Routing Number? 

To begin with, to successfully transfer money from your bank account to another account or vice versa, you need a routing number specifically allocated to the respective bank. For Central Pacific Bank, use the routing number 121301578.

While making the transfer, you will be asked for other information as well, such as the Central Pacific Bank Account number and payable amount. It is also noteworthy to mention that you will need to provide a routing number for Central Pacific Bank to send if you are receiving money from the other end. Similarly, you will require the receiver’s bank’s routing number if you are sending money from your account to another account holder. 

Please note that the Routing Transit Number or RTN is only 9-digit long. Any mistake while tying your routing number will be highlighted as “unverified, please try again.” 

What will happen if I enter the wrong Central Pacific Bank Routing Number?

While making any type of money transfer online, be it peer-to-peer transfer or tax payment, or bill payment, you will need a Central Pacific Bank Routing Number so that the money will be deducted from your Central Pacific Bank Account. It’s simple!

However, it’s in human nature to err. Therefore, if you mistakenly enter the wrong central pacific bank routing number, which is either no longer valid or belongs to another private banking institute. In such a case, your transaction will fail. 

In the event that money debits from your account even after the transaction’s failure, don’t worry! It will be refunded to your account in 2-3 business days. 

How to find my Central Pacific Bank Routing Number? 

In the event that you no longer remember the routing number for Central Pacific Bank, there’s a good chance that you will have a hard time placing it without making a mistake. Thus, here’s a simple way to locate your routing number for Central Pacific Bank without any possibility of mislaying digits: 

  • Take cheque book authorized to you by Central Pacific Bank authorities. 
  • Please note that this checkbook must belong to the account that you want to send/receive money in. 
  • Now, look at any cheque. 
  • At the bottom, place three different codes. 
  • The 9-digit code on the left is your routing number. 
  • Other is your account number and check number. 

Or, you can bookmark us to place your Central Pacific Bank Routing Number – 121301578 each time.