“Remember your BECU Routing Number for 360-degree online banking protection.”

What is the ABA Routing Number?

The concept of ABA Routing Number has been introduced by the American Bankers Association in 1911 and key book listing to allot every bank a Routing Transit Number. To the readers’ surprise, there are over 6,799 banks all over the USA. At present, there are a total of 26, 895 ABA Routing Transit number including ABA Routing Number for BECU.

It is noteworthy to mention that there is ABA Routing Transit Number Policy according to that all banks and financial institutions in the USA hold at least 5 routing numbers. Large banking institutions like BECU Bank may have over five BECU ABA Routing Numbers.

BECU Routing Number

ABA Routing Transit Number is a nine-digit code that allows the improved facilitation and management of check and online transactions by locating their main location of the receiver and the sender of the funds.

What is BECU Routing Number?

This Bank is a credit union-owned by The Boeing Company in the USA. Are you a worthy customer of BECU Credit Union? Then yes! You also must have a BECU Routing Number. To check your BECU RN, locate your checkbook and see any check. It would be printed at the bottom of your check of their Credit Union. It is a nine-digit code that would be printed on the left side of the account number.

When you make any wire transaction, direct deposit or deposit into a federal savings account, you may need your BECU RN to ensure that the transaction passes through. ABA BECU Number traces the location of the one who sends money and the one who receives money in the BECU Credit Union account when it is a wire transfer.

BECU Wire transfers routing number WA is 325081403, this has only one RN for all their bank locations. It also has a SWIFT Code for international Wire transfers. It is WFBIUS6S for the area 12770 Gateway in Washington 98168 in the USA. Similarly, for direct deposits, BECU Routing Number is 325081403. Our readers may be surprised but BECU Credit Union has a single RN for all transactions in all areas in the USA. It is 325081403.

How to find Routing Number BECU?

You can find your BECU Routing Number on the check, online Credit Union Website or via customer service. You can locate it on check at the bottom by the left side of the account number.

While logging in to the online website, you can find routing number in account information. It says ABA Routing Number and below it, nine-digit code would be given. You can also connect with the customer service of their and confirm your RN ABA for BECU credit Union.

By using BECU Routing Transit Number—

  • You can successfully send payment through wire transfer
  • You can successfully receive and payment through wire transfer
  • Bank can trace the location of the sender and the receiver of funds
  • You can successfully make direct deposits
  • You can get check deposits into your BECU Account