For the worthy customers of America First Credit Union, the ABA aka American Bankers Association presents America First RTN. Now act to safe wire transfers and more!

Be it an offline funds deposit or an online money transfer, safety and security remain one of the major concerns of every customer. Do you know, statistics of banking cybercrimes in the USA are more than any online cyber frauds? In such a situation, it becomes complex for the citizens of the USA to trust financial institutions with their hard-earned funds.

What’s the solution? America First Credit Union Routing number by ABA is the all-in-one-solution for the safest online monetary transactions. That’s right! Now be it, direct deposits online, wire transfers, or more, you can do it without any hassle.

What is ABA Routing Number America First Credit Union?

ABA RTN stands for American Bankers Association Transit Number that has been allotted to all the financial institutions within the boundaries of the USA. With the help of the Routing Transit number, the major authorities take an official note of the location of the person who has transferred funds and the location of the person to whom the funds have been transferred.

America First Credit Union Routing Number

For example, if you have transferred funds into an America First account, the code for the respective bank would locate your location at the time of the fund transferring activity. It allows the banking authorities to record every transaction based on location. It provides a banking institution with many security-related advantages.

What is the Routing number for America First Credit Union?

For the users or account holders of the banking institution, the routing code is 324377516. There are different uses of this nine-digit code for the bank.

As per the ABA Routing Transit Number policy, each banking institution in the USA has been alloted with at least 5 routing numbers for different branches.

What are the different uses of America First Routing number?

  • ABA America First Routing number is used to pay taxes online with 100% security.
  • It is also used to successfully send or receive funds via wire transfers
  • It is used to make direct deposits into the America First Credit Union bank account without any hassle.
  • It is used to deposit checks into bank account successfully and get the funds transferred in no time.
  • Customers can also pay for utilities online by submitting the routing number along with account information.

Where can you find your America First Credit union Routing number?

You can locate your bank’s routing number on a checkbook or a simple check. For example, you can locate America First routing number on the checkbook. Take a checkbook and look at any check. You will find a nine-digit code at the bottom-left of the check.

It has been written nearby the account number. You can also locate the routing number for America first credit union on its online website. Apart from this, you can call customer service of the banking institution and acquire the same information.

“Pay online and get the benefit of location-wise transaction record with zero investment with RTN!”