Alaska USA is the Credit Union with its headquarter in Anchorage, Alaska. It is charted and regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). To know the Alaska USA Routing Number read the following information below.

In terms of assets Alaska USA is enlisted among the largest credit union and in the membership, it is one among the top 10 credit unions.

The Credit Union is federally charted and not-for-profit financial cooperative having more than 100 branches spread across the different locations in Alaska, Arizona’s Maricopa County.

Alaska USA is known for offering the number of commercial products, personal insurance, real estate loans, financial planning, and investment services. To avail the best services and for making online transactions get to know the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Routing Number. 

Alaska USA routing number

Along with this, it offers the online services that give access to its customer for:

  • Transferring funds to any other account 
  • Knowing the account balance
  • Understanding the clearing of checks
  • Verifying the pending direct deposits and payment
  • Obtaining current transaction histories
  • Confirming the loan payment date and amount
  • Depositing check 
  • Obtaining a transaction history and a lot more

Meaning of the Routing Number

The routing number is made of nine-digits. The first two numbers are used to identify the bank or the credit union. The next two digits represent the processing center of the bank and its location. The next four digits identify the bank and the last digit is the check digit that helps in verifying and validation of the routing number. 

Routing Number Alaska USA

In the US, the banks and other financial institutions are provided with the identification number. This identification number is a nine-digit code that helps in making safe and secure online transactions. 

A routing number is a number that is used to process Fedwire Funds Transfer. Also, it is used to make payments like direct deposits, paying online bills and a lot more. 

The American Banking Association, the bank can have one or multiple routing numbers. The bank having multiple routing number use one routing number corresponding to the principal office and other numbers are used as an additional number. Generally, ABA grants five routing numbers to the eligible bank. In case, the bank needs more, then it is essential to seek approval from the Routing Number Administrative Board. 

In all, the routing number that can be easily found on the bottom left corner of the check and is used to locate the financial institution.

The Routing Number for Alaska USA is 322270796

S.No. Routing Number Rev. Date State
01. 322270796 08-09-2009 Alaska
02. 322283592 25-01-2010 Alaska
03. 325081623 01-12-2010 Alaska
04. 325272021 17-09-2013 Alaska


Uses of Alaska USA FCU Routing Number 

The American Banks and Credit Unions make use of the routing number for making the following types of transactions for:

  1. Processing checks
  2. Initiating the wire transfer 
  3. Handling collections
  4. Receiving and transferring payments to the IRS
  5. Initiating and setting the recurring automatic payments. 

Different Sources to Find the Routing Number Other Than Checks

In case, you do not have the checkbook then many other ways help in finding the routing number. Also, the routing number is available online on the bank’s website. 

Other than this you can ease your search by keep visiting our website. We offer complete information about the routing number of different banks and Credit unions across the U.S.

Ways to Protect Your Routing Number and Account Information

There is no way to protect the routing number as it is available publicly on the search engine. Along with this, the number is also present on the check. 

But many ways can help you in protecting the routing number. 

Confirm the Routing Number Before Initiating the Transaction: When initiating the transfer it is good to confirm the transfer by double-checking the routing number of the corresponding bank. Entering the wrong details or routing numbers can lead to delayed processing of transactions or the penalty fees. 

Two-Step Authentication: Two-step verification involves the initial password along with the separate code that the bank sends you via text or email. This will protect you against the illicit transfers that are being done with your name. 

Keep Updating Your Password: It is good to keep updating the password that makes it more difficult for someone to hack your account details. 

Sign up to Receive Alerts: Banks do care for their customers and keep sending you the alert for any suspicious activity going on in your account. Also, the bank sends all the details and text-message alerts about your funds. 

Routing Number for ACH and Wire Transfer

ACH and Wire Transfer are used to move money between accounts. On one hand, where the ACH transfer is used for making the recurring, one-time payment, direct deposits, and direct payments. On the other hand, wire transfer is used to make the transfer of funds to international accounts. 

Ways to Transfer Money International

For making an international money transfer the banks need two things: 

  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) codes
  • International Bank Account Number

Many top international banks has SWIFT Code for making an international money transfer but when it comes about the Alaska USA Credit Union, it does not have any SWIFT Code associated with it.

In such case the Alaska Bank USA provides the corresponding bank’s SWIFT Code to receive money from any international bank. The corresponding bank then sends the money to the Alaska USA bank by entering its routing number.