Why Arvest Routing Number Has Gained Preference Among Users?

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The United States is now running as the most-secured banking institutions all over the world. One of the well-known of these institutions is Arvest Bank. This institution is one of the largest and oldest financial service companies in the USA. Today, at the platform, we are conversing with the citizen of the USA upon the subject of Arvest routing number and why has it been a success?

Introduction To Arvest Bank

By the definition, Arvest Bank is a financial service company with a record of decades of success in the United States. That’s right! This banking institution was introduced in 1871 and without a doubt, till today, 149 years of the Arvest bank has been celebratory.

The introduction credits for the triumph of Arvest Bank go to the owners of Mcilroy Bank and Trust that was also founded in the same year.

Arvest Bank holds its headquarters in Bentonville in Arkansas, USA. Alongside this, the respective financial corporation also holds various branches in other states such as Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

It is noteworthy to mention that the banking institution is run and owned by the Walton Family in America. We must sound wrong as ‘Is Arvest Bank owned by Walmart?’ sounds like a positive interrogation.

However, Yes! The Walton Family in America owns Walmart Inc. Thus, indirectly, the Arvest bank runs under the branding of Walmart. In actual fact, Sam Walton, the current heir of the Walton family owns the respective finance corporation. Of course, it’s a fortune for all of us!

How many branches does the Arvest Bank finance company have? The corporation in 2018 recorded the hold of 42 branches along with 6, 324 number of employees. That’s not it! There’s always one question remains a subject of interest, How much is Arvest Bank worth? The bank’s net income proceedings 2018 is .188 billion USD exclusive of 10-times valuable assets and equity.

What is ABA Routing Transit Number?

ABA is also known as the American Bankers Association. Recently in 2000, the ABA started to work on the concept of RTN, I .e.., Routing Transit number. The project finally came into practice in later years.

Today, over 22 financial service companies including credit unions, banking institutions, and investment corporations are allocated with individual and unique nine-digit code. This nine-digit code is known as the Routing Transit number.

For finding out transit code concerning your bank (for instance, Arvest Oklahoma branch), you can search for ‘Arvest bank routing number Oklahoma.’ The search engines will display the respective transit code. It is the easiest way to locate your ABA Routing code.

What is the purpose of the Arvest Bank Routing number?

Do you think the routing number is any other banking code like the account number? Well! No. Arvest bank routing number is a unique nine-digit code that allows the banking corporation to process the following benefits for its clientele all over the country. Take a glimpse:

  • RTN helps to process safe and secure online wire transactions.
  • Routing code tracks down the location of the receiver and sender of the funds.
  • The nine-digit code improves asset management by recording transactional information online and helps avoid all unending paperwork.
  • It helps to process secured credit card transactions.
  • It helps to track automated bill payments by recording the location of the receiver or to whom account, the funds have been credited.
  • Transit code works as a covering shell for cybercrimes in the USA.
  • It helps the bank to avoid any misunderstanding in case of nearly similar account numbers.

How to locate my Arvest Routing Number?

To find your Arvest Routing Number, follow the given steps.

  • Observe one of your checks.
  • On top of the check, a 4-digit code is given. It is called your check number.
  • At the bottom-middle, you can observe your account number.
  • At the bottom-left, you can find your nine-digit Routing number or code.
  • While making any online wire transaction, the browsing page or application asks for the routing number of the receiver of the funds along with his/her account number.

To locate your Arvest bank routing number online, follow the given steps.

  • Go to the online website of Arvest Bank
  • Login to your personal Arvest bank account using a username and password.
  • Go to account information
  • Find out nine-digit routing code in one of the columns

Note: You can also call Arvest Bank customer service at (866) 952-9523 and ask for your bank account transit number.

What is the Arvest Bank routing number?

  • Arvest Bank routing number Fayetteville is 082900872 for FEDAch and Fedwire transfers.
  • Arvest Routing Number Arkansas is 082908816 for Lowell city S. Good SpringBoard. (There are over sixteen routing numbers allocated to Arkansas.)
  • Arvest Routing Number Arkansas is 082900995 for Lowell city P.O BOX. (There are over sixteen routing numbers allocated to Arkansas.)
  • Arvest bank routing number Oklahoma is 103112976 for Fedwire, e-transactions and direct deposits.
  • Arvest transit code for Caney, KS is 103112976 for Fedwire, e-transactions and direct deposits.


Arvest bank transit code allows the banking institutions to record the location of the sender and the receiver of the funds. Since the 2000s, routing code has become one of the important nine-digit code for making e-wire transactions, direct deposits to the bank and international wire transactions.

It is noteworthy to mention that for making or validating international online transactions, the customers/users require a unique RTN which remains different than the routing code allotted to the respective branch of Arvest bank.

For more information, send out queries to us in the comment section below. We will notify you of the solution regarding your bank routing number questions.

Visit us again for any information update in the context of Finance institutions, credit unions, and investment corporations in the USA. At last, here’s a fact: the concept of RTN only runs within the boundaries of the United States. Thus, for making international transactions, connect with Arvest bank customer service, and consult the procedure.

“We thank you for showing your keen interest in the Arvest routing number. We wish you safe transactions!”